Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Never make promises or plans!

So today is the day I planning on opening my season, but the weather is all shit and I hate riding in the rain so I guess I still have to wait some more for that to happen. Maybe I should move to Cordova, Alaska. Listen to this!
Listen to the story!

I guess it's really hard on alot of people living there but for the skiers it must be awesome, I couldn't really find that much footage from this year but this shown the amount of pow they got, I think the riding is too slow but I guess he/she could be using wider skis.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Beginning of a new year!

Yay happy new year to everyone, especially to the idiot who stole my phone at y cousin's party.
The day started off really nicely with a smaller group of people meeting up at Panu's and Anna's place for some food, snacks and drinks. From there Mirkku went home since she had some friends coming over, and Aamos and the others headed to Isamu's and Nelly's.
I desided earlier to check out the party at my cousin's house to later then catch up with the rest where ever they would be at that point.
My plans went south at the point when someone taught it would be a good idea to steal my phone and noone else at the party knew my friends.
It was a really good party that went on to the early morning, I went home around 6am and the party was still going on at that hour. Too bad my phone got stolen by someone because it kinda ruined the feeling for me.

During the new year I haven't been doing that much, mostly been working which means sleeping in late every day and maybe go climbing before the next nightshift, in other words, booring as hell. But we finally got snow last friday so I might go riding on wednesday which is my only day off this week, working nights on all the other day. I'm actually at work at the moment, desided to bring my laptop since monday night can get kinda slow.
I think I promised to make a vlog post when I get to go riding for the first time so let's see how that goes. At least it's a good reason to try out the GoPro. If we get abit more snow in helsinki I might go hit some street spots if someone else is up for it.
I think I will know if I get work in lapland around next week which is really exciting because I think it's been snowing alot up there so you could actually get to ride some pow, not like in swizerland where it snowed like 1m in 2 days, that's just unreal.

Wow! I just had the weirdest customer, this big lady who said alot of weird shit all the time, and then added some seconds later "Just kidding..". She asked me once a minute if I know where I'm going which was kinda funny since she didn't know the name of the restaurant. Luckily I got her to the right place since she was beginning to freak me out abit.