Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hurt my wrist today and I have no idea how and at what point but now it hurts like hell to use my thumb, hooray!
The weather has been awesome, around -10 degrees and sunny without that damn wind we've been having. The park is in awesome shape after the TTR Catfight so it has been really nice to ride it. Today my pipe riding training began, exhausting but very fun, got the 360s dialed already, heh!
I actually cracked my new board and sent some pictures to the manufacturer of the damage, I will get a new board but the problem is that it might be sold out in the whole of europe, so either I get it replaced by another board or then I have to wait until next winter and get next years model.
I've gotten sidetracked really badly writing this, this has takes me like 2 hours to write. So I'll try to find a better time to continue this.
Just going to ride hard and party like I mean it.
Oh yeah, that was one thing I heard from two different sources. This is what they both said: "There was only one who was more wasted than you at the party (TTR Catfight afterparty), and that was Risto Mattila" :D Compared to him I was sober and not even dancing!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Loosing the best friend in the world!

I just lost a good friend, our dog Emma! We got her when I was around 10 I think. I had a rough time at school and got bullied etc. so I spent alot of time home alone. I don't remember this and it might be that it never got mentioned but mum said that that's what inspired her to get a dog. And it actually works because the dog will allways seek for your attention and keep you company. And it doesn't mather what's bothering you, the dog will be there. The last months Emma was really weak and she was old on top of that so I wouldn't say that I didn't see it coming. But I feal really bad cos I've gotten her support alot and when she got older all the kids move out or are just away alot. Then when she is the one in need of support I'm not even there, and I'm one of the reasons we got her. So I really hope she didn't feel left alone. It was great that mum was able to work from home where she could take care of Emma and keep her company. I feel like we had a really strong bond with Emma, and now I definatly have alot of memories.
The dog with alot of personality and who was maybe alittlebit too protective of our family.
Emma, you will be greatly missed!

<3 R.I.P. EMMA <3

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How awesome am I?

First of all, I rode the snowpark today like a machine, bumped into a friend who I haven't seen in a very long time which was nice. Took a hard fall on my arm and started wondering why it never breaks, heh! I've allways liked extreme sports and during the years I've taken so many hard falls that I think my bones have gotten stronger. It's actually proven to work, it's for example why some thai boxers hit their legs with sticks like thousands of times in training cos it makes the bones more durable. Every time you take a hard fall or hit you get microscopic fractures in your bones, when theese fractures heal your bones get thicker and stronger. I prolly got awesome bones.
But the most awesome thing about me today was that I ate two whole pizzas in a row, WTF??? Seriously! I think this is awesome and maybe on some level disgusting.
Next time 3 pizzas? Whos with me?

Time for the chicks to rock it!

There has been alot happening on the mountain lately, most of the time I have been working but I can still tell you about theese happenings.
19.3 we had the Battery Polar Open pipe contest. I took part in the training on both days but couldn't compete since I had work both days and forgot to ask for those days off. Don't get me wrong, I know I wouldn't have stood a chance since there were some really big names like Risto Mattila (winner) and Antti Autti who both prolly have ridden pipe more than many of us have stood on a snowboard. But there's no harm in taking part just for the fun of it. The girls threw in some nice moves at the practise aswell but I would say the one who got most attention was newschool rider Iisko Heiskanen with some huge airs and unique grabs, truly a pleasure to watch.
Here are some really nice pictures from the Battery Polar open taken by Pekka Takanen:
Starting today we got Battery Catfight, a 4 star TTR event for girls only. Yesterday I heard that more than 70 female riders have enrolled. The park looks awesome, not that big obstacles but really nicely shaped. The event starts today and ends on sunday. Yesterday was my day of and as usual when it's my day off something with the weather sucked, it was once again reaaaally windy. Today when I got work there seems to be no wind at all. But it was fun riding small stuff even tho I crashed pretty hard on my hip and when I was walking home yesterday it hurt to walk really bad, now it feels alot better already.
Yesterday there were alot of female riders in the park already and they were hitting big airs of the corner in the snowpark, and you could definatly see that during theese next few day we will see some girls throw down some big tricks.
Judging by the scedule it looks like there might be some partying this week. I have to come up with a superhero costume ^_^
I was up late last night editing and uploading the next clip, I think I might be making some progress when it comes to theese clips so I hope u'll enjoy it. Feedback would be nice aswell.

Mid March Shredding from Jonathan Veekoo on Vimeo.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Tired, oh so tired

I was sooooo tired going to bed last night and fell asleep right away. Then I wake up a cupple of hours later to my moronic roommate drunkwhispering with some dude. Then they go to bed and to no surprize start making a sound that sounds like Blubber (from the movie Blubber) got stuck in the bathroom drain. I was a minute away from saying something when I hear: "Should we move ourselves to the livingroom?" At his point I was thinking: "Great, finally going to get some sleep".
Well, they weren't exactly quiet in the livingroom either and when the noise stopped I couldn't belive my ears, THE FRIKIN DOOR OPENS AGAIN!!! Why couldn't they just stay there? I know my roommate isn't the brightest light in the christmas tree but this was going off the chart. And offcourse they bathroom drain noises keep on going for a little while and then they fall asleep and both start snoring like some kind of unknown beasts. I think I got around 2 hours of sleep. I got a killer headache, I'm reaaally tired and it's not even my day off.
You don't do shit like that if you live 2 persons in the same small room, she will definatly hear of this when I get home from work. If this happens again I'll destroy her in one way or another. Any ideas on how to do it? Please comment! ;)
Maybe shredding before work will make things better.
Have a nice day!

Fast one!

Starting off by posting this here if someone missed a certain dogentusiast posting it on FB.

That dog is hilarious.
We got some nice footage on my days off and I promise to bring some new stuff as soon as i pick up my lazy ass and start editing. Got delayed cos the girls "forced" me into drinking on tuesday.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Loosing track of time

Just noticed that I haven't posted anything in a while. I guess the reason is that I've been wishing for the past 3 weeks to pass by as fast as possible. Levi has been swarmed with people on their winter holidays. All the bars are filled with morons on vacation with the basic holiday attitude "I payed for this holiday, and that means I get to be a complete d***". We got small kids riding the pipe just plowing down the walls and making the pipe look like it was built out of LEGO blocks. The same kids jump of every single jump no mather how big, crash, and spend the following 5 mins running up and down the landings picking up skis, poles, clothes etc.
But I shouldn't complain, we actually got some snowfall and the past week it's only been -5 and mostly sunny which is ideal shreddingweather if you ask me.
I'm really satisfied with my new Flux bindings, I can highly recomend this brand for anyone, can't say the same about K2.... I would write a review about the K2 Formula bindings, but that would just be too depressing, PASS!

Can't really think of anything out of the ordinary that I would hae done lately, the basics I guess. Been out partying once or twice, always seem to end up partying and singing karaoke with my flatmates (is that a word?). At the moment I'm living with 6 girls and it feels like someone is always out drinking, and I think it actually might be some truth in that.
Oh yea, we got some really nice footage of marika doing fs3's in the front slope park, I'll put up some footage in a cupple of days.

This is something we filmed 3.3 on that crazy windy day, don't take this too seriously. Still getting used to editing etc. To be honest I had a good laugh watching this myself. Enjoy!

Proboarding from Jonathan Veekoo on Vimeo.

Now just 2 more days at work to go and then 2 days off. Awesome.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's working!

Ok so I think I fixed the video problem. Please give me feedback on quality etc.
This was easy to edit since I didn't have to cut that much. Consider this a testrun.

Laid back pow riding in Levi 2010 from Jonathan Veekoo on Vimeo.


YAY! So I got my broken K2 Formula bindings replaced with new ones. Bought a new Jacket and got my new computer, so everything should be good, but, it isn't.
I edited a short clip and was satisfied with the result, only problem is that the quality wasn't that good and the filesize was 800MB *laff*, so now I have to learn how to use the computer etc. Hopefully I've got something to show later next week.
We went epic riding with Marika and Aki again, sunny and -2, and you could feel the mountain breeze. Nah, just kidding about that last part. The breeze was around 20+m/s and you ran out of speed before you reached the jumps.
But as usual we made the best of it and had fun. Marika, the toughest girl I know is riding with a fractured arm, and believe it or not, insists on doing handplants all the time. Aki a.k.a. The Man With the Vision" got us doing mctwists on the QP, "Just hit the QP with moderate speed and throw yourself downwards, kinda".
"The Broke and Broken crew" ^_^