Sunday, April 24, 2011

We came, we saw, and we were awesome!

Epic day today and it sucks I got too carried away to take some pictures because I/we built some crazy stuff in the park. The front slope park was a lost cause today so desided not to ride there at all.
So we shaped and salted almost all the jumps at the Snow Park. I shaped a big snowpile so that you could hit it in any way possible. Then we built a small jump on the side of a bigger one that you could use as a step-up jump onto the table of the bigger jump or just gap the whole thing. I actually gapped it once flying the whole way in a horizontal position, Aki laughed his ass of and it's all good cos I didn't get hurt one bit. This small jump can also be used as a corner if you land on the side of the bigger one, this whole thing prolly sounds more then alittlebit confusing.
last obstacle was a small pit/speedturn thingy (can't really explain this) which forced oyu into a bs rotation.
All in all the day was great, was warm enough to shred in a longsleeved shirt the whole day, not even wind today to mess things up.
Threw down some switch backside fives that felt awesome (which is all that mathers ;) and some corner handplants to bellyslides.
Reporting from our roof, over and out!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's getting hotter!

Hello everyone, if anyone actually reads this.
During the day we had like +10 degrees and sunny weather. I got my day off tomorrow so it's going to be epic if the weather stays the same, was thinking about spending my day doin tricks that I have no idea what so ever how to do.
Work has been crazy, we are selling 450+ pizzas almost every day and due to the nice weather people tend to drink more and act like idiots.
I guess someone took a hard fall at the front slope park today cos the abulance came there, then the fire department to close off the area and then the medi-helicopter, which usually means that something serious has happened. Let's hope nothing that bad happened.
The Disco Ensemble gig was LEGENDARY, I had an awesome night partying ike a crazy person.
Well, I guess it's time for Mountain Lab 1.5 and bed after that, big day tomorrow :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

1 down, 9 to go!

That's how many days I got left at work.
Taught I might share this video, pure beautie:

The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

Party and shredding

So yesterday I desided to head out even tho I didn't get anyone to join me, and it was actually okay. Checked out 4 different bars and ended up finding some familiar faces. All in all a fun night.
For some reason I woke up early today even tho I went to bed around 4:30, headed for the SnowPark and for once the weather was on my side, sunny and almost no wind.
After some careful shaping and salting it was on, the landings were rock hard but I desided not to let it bother me. I had to admit the I got some nice bruises on my behind and it feels like someone shot me in the rear.
A friend filmes some of my runs, theese runs didn't go very well, when we put the camera away things got better. It's too bad I didn't get any good material from today but atleast it was a great day.
Disco Ensemble is performing live at Hullu Poro Areena on thursday which means that there is no way anyone can stop me from partying like an animal on thursday. It's prolly one of the best live bands in Finland, can't wait for the show.
Time to go to bed, work tomorrow again, and I got zero motivation left for work, trying to find the strength for 12 more days, but it's hard :(

Monday, April 18, 2011

This just in!

So today and tomorrow I don't have to go to work, this means that the weather is in some way shitty as usual, getting kinda tired of this, it's just depressing.
Went shredding today early in the morning since I was hoping to get some cool stuff filmed in the snowpark now that they have made the big kickers even bigger. Only problem, the frikin wind, once again. It seems like every single day I don't have to work the wind is there to ruin it all. Before heading to the slopes I went and bought some bananas and chocolate for lunch, had my camera fully charged so everything was perfect to start with.
As i said the weather was hopeless, bumped into Arttu who had realized the situation and was hitting the park on telemark skis and doing some really weird looking tricks. Later on he had changed to this this I don't even know what it's called but it's basically a mountainbike with small skis instead of wheels.
The sun was out for a while but then the wind picked up and it got cloudy so I just called it a day, bought a box of wine and went home.
Getting my buzz on it felt like even the TV is cursed today, first show on was some sick show called Man vs. Food. Basically this show is all about some dude visiting diners in the U.S. where they have this wall of fame for people who manage to eat a f-load of food in a short amount af time. I was close to loosing my sh*t looking at the poor guy trying to down 12 small hamburger looking things with ALOT of meat etc. and 200g of onionrings in 30 mins, seriously WTF?
Then 70's Show was on, suprisingly this was also some freaky musical episode where all the characters sang every 2 mins, what's up with this day?
Now I'm just listening to Slagsmålsklubben, drinking vine and watching Americas Funniest Home Videos without the sounds.

Tip of the day:
Check out a band called Scissors For Lefty for some great music.

Here are the pictures from my day on skis:

Klick on the picture for a larger image!

Friday, April 15, 2011


Starting off with this, how awesome is this?

I should have written about my next day but that day sucked big time so kinda just forgot to write.
The night was cold which ment that the backcountry was all ice the next day so no bc jumping, just desided to ride around the mountain and check out all the slopes. I bet at least 5 slopes will have to close within this week due to the lack of snow. Here are some pictures I took:

After that I was working a morning shift and then I got sick etc (some shitty doctor didn't even listen to be, pushed me out the door and gave me 2 sick days, wtf? seriously? 2 days?) I don't feel like sharing my symptoms but let's say that a doctor should take her/his job abit more seriously. Damn I was pissed.
So I was 1 day sick from work and the other day was my day off anyways. Today when I got to work for a 10h 45min shift my boss was giving me shit for being one day sick from work, WTF?
She gave me examples of people that had worked for her for example someone who had such a bad stomach ache at work that he had to lie down on the floor cos of the cramps etc. My response was that I'm nyt that f*cking stupid that I let something go that far before I go see a doctor.
Definatly going riding tomorrow morning to ease my mind and nerves.
The snow is melting reaaaaaally fast, it's insane. The second day I was sick at home the girls (my flatmates) had some friends over for a BBQ, the sun was shining and it was really warm outside. For the first time I felt like summer aint so bad when we all sat up on our roof just chilling in the sun, our roof is prolly the most laid back place on Levi.
Looks like I have at least some work this summer which is nice. I should apply for a school but I seem to forget about it all the time.
What's up with 50% of all the people that come to Koti Pizza where I work are 70+ years old, you would think they would like to eat some "real" food. You almost get surprised every time someone below 20 comes and dines.
It sucks that the season is almost over and not one single friend has come to see me. Well there is a chanse of Panu coming here so tat would be nice.
Now I forgot how to end this post, I had an idea earlier but whatever.
Keep it real!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

When the shi... snow hits the fan!

Well, no Championships for me, got some complications with the logistics and accommodation so here we are. Still at Levi, not at Åre or Ruka as I had planned.
One week off work is fine aswell. I haven't gone out drinking (actually not out at all) or partying nad I've been riding alot.
The weather has gotten really warm and the sun is shining almost every day which means that you need to do alot of work if you want to jump in the park, shaping and salting is a must because of all the soft/loose snow. Since Levi doesn't pay anything to do theese things like in many places in the U.S. and Canada, you have to do this yourself. The halfpipe has been in surprisingly good shape alowing you to get som nice air under your feet.
One day I landed a fs720 somehow too much on my toes and ended up hurting my ancle. The next day it hurt alot to ride the pipe so went and rented some skis. This actually worked, I didn't feel any pain riding the pipe and jumps on skis, I don't think it was that amazing to watch but it was fun. Hopefully I will get some pictures from my day on skis.
This week I think me and Marika got some kind of depression when we realized that the season is coming to an end faster then we taught, and I was already in a bad mood when I realized I wouldn't make it to the championships. I had to do something about this so I desided to reward myself with a pair of goggles.
Electric EG2, awesome goggles. Really durable lens and the visibility is great!

Today I woke up early and desided to shape and salt all the jumps early. This started off nicely, getting the equipment I noticed that all the salt was gone. Shaping the jumps on warm weather without salting them is a lost case since they will just get soft again. Finally I got some salt after checking with the guys at the other park. Since the weather got warm early in the morning the jumps (there is five of them) were already really soft so it took me some time to get them all fixed. The sun was shining as usual so it wasn't that bad.
When I got the jumps ready, and I'm not kidding you, it took 5 minutes for the sky to fill with grey clouds and thhen it started raining, after that snowing litely, then raining again, then heavy snowfall. After 1 hour of really strange weather I got slowly better and after a cupple of hours the sun was shining again. WTF?

Met up with Aki (this is another Aki) and filmed some big airs in the pipe and fooled around backflipping which ended up with Aki by mistake doing a bs Rodeo which he then started to practise. His reaction to the first time was funny: "What did I just do?"

Aki had to go to work at around three when the wind was getting stronger, shortly after that the pipe felt like a windtunnel and getting enough speed for the kickers got really hard so I desided to go build a backcountry kicker for tomorrow since we should go minus celcius tonight.

Doesn't look like much but it has potential :P

Getting there took me around 10-15mins since the snow was like glue and the nose of my board kept diving deep into the wet snow getting me stuck all the time.
Getting me back to the slopes took me around 30mins :D

This is how you ride to not get stuck every 5 meters:

It was hell, even tho I kept to the snow-shoing trail I got stuck quite often.

End of the trail and of a long day!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


This is really weird, first we hade around -10 every day and then suddenly over one night we got +5 and warmer, and sunshine on top of that. It feels like the snow is melting at full speed.
I've been working like a dog lately and finally I get my 7 days off. I desided not to travel to Åre since the finnish championships are at the same time so I'll be heading to Ruka in a cupple of days to compete.
Since I've been working alot I haven't really been riding with anyone but myself since I only got a cupple of hours time before work, beginning to get abit fedup with riding alone. Today it so happened that Arttu had his day off so had some fun shredding with him for a while.
Due to the warm weather the jumps got really soft and since I don't have that much time to ride I didn't feel like shaping and salting to fix the jumps. The pipe was awesome to ride today and got some sweet 2+ meter high hits and since rotations were out of the questions on the jumps we just had to do flips.
Cos of work I don't really have that much to write about about what's happened lately, only thing I can think of is that one day Simppa (who can hit a frontflip off anything, seriously, jumps, rails, landings, other riders :P) desided to try a double frontflip off one of the biggest jumps we got here. He got really close but didn't come all the way around the second flip, the tail sunk into the landing while the last bit of the rotation came around, and the tail cracked completely. He was so bummed. You definatly need guts to try that, and he got really close.
Tomorrow I hope there will be aot of filming and backflips and BS Rodeos.
It's going to be legandary!