Saturday, April 9, 2011

When the shi... snow hits the fan!

Well, no Championships for me, got some complications with the logistics and accommodation so here we are. Still at Levi, not at Åre or Ruka as I had planned.
One week off work is fine aswell. I haven't gone out drinking (actually not out at all) or partying nad I've been riding alot.
The weather has gotten really warm and the sun is shining almost every day which means that you need to do alot of work if you want to jump in the park, shaping and salting is a must because of all the soft/loose snow. Since Levi doesn't pay anything to do theese things like in many places in the U.S. and Canada, you have to do this yourself. The halfpipe has been in surprisingly good shape alowing you to get som nice air under your feet.
One day I landed a fs720 somehow too much on my toes and ended up hurting my ancle. The next day it hurt alot to ride the pipe so went and rented some skis. This actually worked, I didn't feel any pain riding the pipe and jumps on skis, I don't think it was that amazing to watch but it was fun. Hopefully I will get some pictures from my day on skis.
This week I think me and Marika got some kind of depression when we realized that the season is coming to an end faster then we taught, and I was already in a bad mood when I realized I wouldn't make it to the championships. I had to do something about this so I desided to reward myself with a pair of goggles.
Electric EG2, awesome goggles. Really durable lens and the visibility is great!

Today I woke up early and desided to shape and salt all the jumps early. This started off nicely, getting the equipment I noticed that all the salt was gone. Shaping the jumps on warm weather without salting them is a lost case since they will just get soft again. Finally I got some salt after checking with the guys at the other park. Since the weather got warm early in the morning the jumps (there is five of them) were already really soft so it took me some time to get them all fixed. The sun was shining as usual so it wasn't that bad.
When I got the jumps ready, and I'm not kidding you, it took 5 minutes for the sky to fill with grey clouds and thhen it started raining, after that snowing litely, then raining again, then heavy snowfall. After 1 hour of really strange weather I got slowly better and after a cupple of hours the sun was shining again. WTF?

Met up with Aki (this is another Aki) and filmed some big airs in the pipe and fooled around backflipping which ended up with Aki by mistake doing a bs Rodeo which he then started to practise. His reaction to the first time was funny: "What did I just do?"

Aki had to go to work at around three when the wind was getting stronger, shortly after that the pipe felt like a windtunnel and getting enough speed for the kickers got really hard so I desided to go build a backcountry kicker for tomorrow since we should go minus celcius tonight.

Doesn't look like much but it has potential :P

Getting there took me around 10-15mins since the snow was like glue and the nose of my board kept diving deep into the wet snow getting me stuck all the time.
Getting me back to the slopes took me around 30mins :D

This is how you ride to not get stuck every 5 meters:

It was hell, even tho I kept to the snow-shoing trail I got stuck quite often.

End of the trail and of a long day!

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