Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Up north again!

So here we are, back at Levi at the end of a year with who know how many kms of traveling. I didn't think it was possible to get tired of traveling, but to be honest it feels good to know that I'm gonna stay here for a while.

New for this season would be that our footage will be a lot smoother and better as soon as we get stuff filmed. Not going to reveal how because I wanna show you in an edit.
Kinda busy before christmas so we'll see how fast we can get stuff done.
The frontslope park is all ready and they are making tons of snow for the halfpipe, it's looking good.
The Snowpark will open on Friday and I got Saturday off so that's something to look forward to.

Some people might have seen/heard that Junkyard made a deal with Sven Thorgren who's been killing it lately. I don't know if it's connected to that but they also desided to drop all minor deals which means that I don't get any good deals which is kinda hard on the budget. Especially when I've gotten my ass kicked financially this past month, too many unexpected bills to mention.

Really hyped on this season. I'm feeling good about it and it's snowing quite a lot which is always fun. I got my DSLR so I'm going to try to capture some cool stuff outside, still learning how to use it but you never know, I might actually get some cool pictures.
This one was taken on my phone (duh!), and this is where the season begins!

Pictures from New Zealand

Ok here we go. Been a few months since I came home from NZ and there are far too many things to tell so I was thinking that I't easier for me to just put up some pictures. There is the chance of noone even giving a rats ass but if you do you can just ask about the pictures!
The quality is what it is since they were taken on Samsung Galaxy S4+ and GoPro 3+ Black
Click for full sized pictures!


Waitonga Falls

 From our front door

Mt Maunganui