Friday, May 22, 2015

Most awesome things come in small packages?

I have posted a clip before of my surfing hero. But you can't go wrong with this clip.

QUINCY from Sean Slobodan on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Season is over! Onboard SendOff Session Final Edit.

So there hasn't been that many clips this season. I still got some unedited because we kinda wanted to try to save up for a longer clip but the weather was against us most of the time and on top of that I managed to injure both of my knees which forced me to spend alot more time off the board then I wanted to. To give you some info there will be at least one pow clip from Riksgränsen and one park clip from Levi if not two small ones. Due to my injury and unemployment there are alot of things to get done but I should get everything edited within a month. If you follow snowboarding sites you might have noticed that Onboard MAgazine had their Send Off session at LEvi this year. The Park crew worked long days for about a whole month to get everything build and it turned out amazing. Levi is truly underrated when it comes to park standards, in a way it's a good thing because the park is hardly ever that crowded. I'm not sure if it's at 100% but next season there might be some big changes around the parks at Levi, and all I can say is that it's most likely going to be really epic. If you haven't seen the final edit from the sessions here it is:
Onboard Send Off Session 2015 - Main Edit a Snowboarding video by onboard

  A friend posted thsi video on Facebook today and I felt like I just had to repost it here. This looks like tons of fun. Maybe it's something I should try this summer on water and then on the snow next winter :D