Thursday, February 28, 2013

Edit update!

So now I have been trying everything to get my laptop to agree with me but it looks like the format of the mats from my other camera is too much for my computer to handle. I should get the solution to this problem next mon/tue, yay! Still fighting the flue but getting better, might not even take any meds tomorrow. Bumped into this vid and can't really deside if this is cool or just retarded :D Is this something you actually can learn how to do and actually stomp it most of the time or is this more about luck? And as many of you might know they come up with crazy ideas about how to build unique snowboards at SignalSnowboards, this time they made a rideable snowboard made out of glass, check it out. That's all for today, here is something I made today.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Time to rest!

Wazzup! I'm actually uploading my newest clip as I'm writing this post. Because my computer doesn't want to fully agree with me it took me like 10 hours to edit, on top of that I couldn't add any effects such as slowmotions because that would end up with the computer crashing. But still. Last weekend we took a different approach on filming, we left the GoPro in the bag, used my normal vid cam and planned ahead what we wanted to film and where. However I'll edit those clips tomorrow, today I edited stuff we filmed earlier this month. We got what we wanted and the results were good, even tho I took a pretty nasty fall on my ass. I don't even think it's possible but it felt like a broke my right butt-cheek. But for once we got it on film and I will put it in the edit tomorrow. At the end of the day I took this cool picture of the sunset and Kaarle taking pictures of the sunset (not edited in any way). On saturday I actually felt abit weak already but yesterday I still desided to go to work, it was a slow day but still got the most of my strength. Today it felt hopeless getting out of bed, I was pretty much out of breath from sleeping. Went to the doctor and got subscribed 3 differend meds and 3 sick days. This is one reason why I have had time to edit. I did take a break mid day cos I found it hard to stay awake. I got my new bindings, Ride Rodeo, and they are just awesome. The date is set for our Björkliden trip so it really looks like this is happening, totally hyped about that. Let's just hope for awesome weather. So if my computer is feeling friendly tomorrow there will be another edit coming up tomorrow. Until then... Good Night!! zzzZzZzzzzzZz

Vide-Oh! ep.2 from Vide-Oh! on Vimeo.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Frikn frak!

Tried editing today, but my laptop won't let me. So it might be that I get the next edit done when I get a chance to do it on a different computer. First week of the most intens part of the season is over and it actually wasn't too bad, worked long hours every day but still time passed real fast. Only unfortunate thing that happened during the week was that one of my students broke his arm by falling on it. I took a dishwashing job on top of my job at the skischool to get some extra $$$ to be able to make some small trips. At the end of week 11 we might make a trip to Björkliden in sweden for some pow riding and BC jumping which will be awesome. Ok so back to trying to figure out how to get my computer to agree with editing. This is soo annoying since I got enough mats and the buildup done but can't edit. Today it's been quite warm (+1C/33,8F), so perfect for park riding. Tomorrow the weather should be the same so we might get to kill it in the park with Kaarle tomorrow.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Getting colder! Skiing holidays are closing in...

It's almost a month since my last post. Time is just passing by so damn fast it's ridiculous. This week has been the first week of a healthier diet and lifestyle and I feel really good about it already. I've met awesome people at work and gotten some really nice feedback. All in all a good week. So what's new. The weather has been quite nice until this week/the past few day, the sky has been clear which is nice and the days are getting longer. It's awesome when the sun is out but it also usually means that it's pretty darn cold. For example today at work it was -29C/-20.2F which kinda takes the fun out of working outdoors.
This is a cool picture of some weird phenomenon, took this pic today and it's not edited in any way. It was warmer at the top of the front slope so I guess that is one of the reasons you can see the sunrays.
Last weekend I went to Helsinki to move all of my stuff out of my appartment which kinda sucked, on the upside I got no rent to pay. So I guess I'm more or less homeless at this point. The most annoying thing about going to Helsinki was that it started snowing the night before I left, and snowed for almost a whole week. For once the temp stayed above and around -10C/14F which ment the snow stayed light and soft. When I got back the best pow days were over but still got some sweet runs during the week.
The weekend before I went to Helsinki me and 9 others from the ski-school went to Aakenus near Ylläs to look for some powder, we ended up hiking alot and getting two poor runs, or actually poor doesn't really begin to explain the first one. But the food was good and the surroundings beautiful.
I was about to start editing at one point but Kaarle felt like it's better to film abit more, so that we have. My computer sucks big time but I managed to capture some frames from the new footy, suddenly everything froze so I desided to just leave it for now. So until I get the new edit done, here is a little something.
Kaarle totally killed ito n the rails but I'm going to leave that as a surprise.