Saturday, February 23, 2013

Frikn frak!

Tried editing today, but my laptop won't let me. So it might be that I get the next edit done when I get a chance to do it on a different computer. First week of the most intens part of the season is over and it actually wasn't too bad, worked long hours every day but still time passed real fast. Only unfortunate thing that happened during the week was that one of my students broke his arm by falling on it. I took a dishwashing job on top of my job at the skischool to get some extra $$$ to be able to make some small trips. At the end of week 11 we might make a trip to Björkliden in sweden for some pow riding and BC jumping which will be awesome. Ok so back to trying to figure out how to get my computer to agree with editing. This is soo annoying since I got enough mats and the buildup done but can't edit. Today it's been quite warm (+1C/33,8F), so perfect for park riding. Tomorrow the weather should be the same so we might get to kill it in the park with Kaarle tomorrow.

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