Saturday, December 31, 2011


Christmas was awesome as usual. LOTS of food and alot of hanging out with the family and relatives. You don't need that many words to describe christmas: Sauna, chillin, porrage, chillin, ham and everything that goes with it, chillin, gifts. And then repeat that for three days except without the gifts. Oh ye, let's not forget all the screaming children on a sugar-high, good times.
I got some nice books that I am excited to read, especially one written by Douglas Adams which is part of the series including The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. If you haven't read it you should, it's amazing.
I'm not going to mention everything I got but one thing that made me really happy was a backpack suitable for hiking (snowboard hiking) with all the straps for showels etc.
All in all it was a really nice christmas even tho it was stressfull, so still kinda nice it's over.

For the moment it seems like I'm kinda unemployed so I guess I have to drive some cab. So not working at the restaurant anymore, which is fine because it kinda gives me the extra motivation to get a job at some resort. And looking for work is what I've been doing after christmas, and climbing ofc.

Tomorrow I'm going to sleep in late and start celebrating new years when I wake up, so that's goign to be alot of fun. I still don't have a clue of where I'll be celebrating later on but I guess I'll figure something out.

So I guess all I have to say is Happy Holidays and new year etc etc etc.

Monday, December 19, 2011


I've been too tired to blog lately and honestly I haven't really done that much of anything since my last post.
Me and Aamos took part in the Tofu Bouldering competition and placed 91st and 75th out of 115 or something, it was still alot of fun climbing and watching the really good climbers do their thing.

There's been alot of random partying ending up in various funny situations. I think it was two weeks ago on tuesday when me and Lalli went out for some beer. The next day neither could even remember how we got home when Lalli woke up beside me in my bed with his head in the foot end.
It might be that the partying has spun abit out of control lately, it's a good thing my christmas usually is the time when you just chill out with the family and relatives.

 I'm still not done christmas shopping which is no surprise, and I still don't have any idea of how I will be spending my winter. The fact that I haven't been able to snowboard at all is depressing enough. I've applied for some jobs at Levi and Ruka but so far I haven't heard back from anyone so I guess I'll start calling people back this week.

Last saturday was epic. Started off with this monthly bouldering comp they have at Cave combined with their christmasparty. Even tho I tried hard to keep it in control, the drinking got abit out of control, it's a good thing I wasn't the only one with this problem. Only sad thing was that I totally lost track of time (and my belongings) and missed Mirella's birthday party.

 Now it's time to start getting ready for the next christmasparty. The restaurant in our building is having one, there was some talk about food and neverending drinks and so on.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Love You Too

That message is for the one who commented that I should stop blogging on my last post. I deleted the comment since it was written in finnish, in a way that made it sound like a 16 year old. Posted around the time that people get home from the bar, don't really care if it was a joke or not. If it was a joke it's bad one because you wrote as an anonymous user, if it wasn't the joke is on you. Don't tell me to stop blogging you dumb f*ck, stop reading this blog if it make you miserable enough to actually post something liek that.
You're prolly one of those who comes home from the bar, turns on the TV to find nothing but the nighchat on and then you start sending messages like "you all are idiots who text theese messages", every 10 minutes. Normally I wouldn't bother to hate back but I'm in a bad mood so it feels good, but whoever you are you're still a dumb f*ck.

I stayed up to 5am last night cos I couldn't get any sleep, and I wanted a free t-shirt. Vistaprint had this offer that you got to design your own t-shirt for free and they will send it to you. When I was done with the whole thing I realized it wasn't free at all, only the shirt was. The cheapest shipping (21days wtf) cost almost 5€, which is waaaay too much for me. The first time you could actually see the shipping cost was at the last stage of the process, I think most people just give up at that point and still pay.

Really Awesome Picture

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm broke!

This is how broke I am:
Ye, it's not easy, my daily budget at the moment is below 6€ so I really gotta try not to buy anything. The good thing is that got the last payment on my laptop done so that's one thing less to worry about, and I got my mum a x-mas gift. It's one of the hardest things to buy your parents for some reason, I always feel like I don't have a clue of what they would like.

Stockholm was nice by the way. One of the things we did the most when I was there was eat and play xbox haha, it might sound abit stupid but it was awesome. My sister Sara seems to like games where you get to shoot people like Modern Warfare 2 and some gangster game demo. They got 4 controllers so it was really fun playing deathmatch on MW2 even tho it ended up with me cursing everyone out cos I can't get anyone killed and everyone's bullets just seem to hit me all the time, Sara just gets frustrated and quits playing.
If you got an xbox360 you should get Splosion Man, I'd say it's the most awesome game there is on xbox360 and I can purchase it trough xboxLIVE. We played it with four players and it's fun cos you don't get the split screen in this game since it's 2D, so if the others run away from you and you can't catch up, you'll die.
That all on "xboxing".
As I wrote before I wanted to take Sara and Petter (her boyfriend) bouldering, so that we did. The place was massive but mainly just sportsclibing(if that's what it's called when you got the ropes etc), I can't say the bouldering area was small or anything but I taught it would have been larger. Sara and Petter both did really well and if they were being honest with me they liket it. Sara complained about her sore arms trough the rest of my visit (3 days). After some hours of bouldering we headed back to their place for a taco dinner with lots of food, wine, beer and mojitos.
We had dinner one night at this cool place I think was called Olssons or something where they got garlic in everything they serve, even the icecream (which we didn't have cos we were all stuffed). I had the ribbs with lots of small side dishes, Sara had the seafood chili stew and Petter some kind of chili con carne thingy. The food was great and so smelled our breaths thereafter. Sara couldn't finish hers so me and Petter had to help her out, you could say everyone got more than enough. If you travel to Stockholm you should check this place out since it's unique in alot of ways, you just have to see it for yourself and try to get trough their list of shots, there are 101 of them.
Another day we had "Planksteak", actually served on a plank with mashed potatoes. You could taste the strong taste of unhealthy food, and it was great. Too bad it totally messed up all of our stomaches and most of us barfed and got diarrhea, I still think it might have been worth it haha! I actually had to check the spelling on diarrhea and ended up on wikipedia and this is what it says:  
"Diarrhea (from the Greek διάρροια meaning "flowing through"), also spelled diarrhoea, is the condition of having three or more loose or liquid bowel movements per day. It is a common cause of death in developing countries and the second most common cause of infant deaths worldwide. The loss of fluids through diarrhea can cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. In 2009 diarrhea was estimated to have caused 1.1 million deaths in people aged 5 and over and 1.5 million deaths in children under the age of 5.Oral rehydration salts and zinc tablets are the treatment of choice and have been estimated to have saved 50 million children in the past 25 years."
Jakob Wilhelmsson the former pro snowboarder came by one evening and dropped off my new board which was awesome, the board looks alot cooler than on any picture and Jakob seemed really nice.

Last thing about Stockholm I want to recommend people to go see is The Swedish Museum of Natural History where they got this 3D IMAX (I don't know exactly what makes IMAX IMAX but this screen stretches all around you and above you) where they show documentaries about animals, fishes, dinosaurs etc. A really nice experience and the Museum itself is also very nice because there's alot of things you can try out like how fast your reaction time is or if you are able to assemble the insides of the human body in the right places and so on. Check it out.

After the trip it been mostly work, hanging out with friends, visiting my parents, bouldering and trying to figure out the mysteries of life and how to make it. I'd like to go back to stockholm in the beginning of next month for a concert but because of my financial situation it looks really bad. I know nothign about this incoming winter so far and overall I try to get something planned and booked because I hate this uncertainty and when you don't know where anythign is going. 
Now it's time to check out the latest episodes of How I Met Your Mother and How to Make it in America
before going to bed so that I can wake up at 6:40 for work with a huuuuuude smile on my face. Oh ye they changed the menu so I don't even know how to make anything tomorrow *HF* 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sweden, here I come!

Leaving for Sweden tomorrow and I have packed.... NOTHING! Still have to check where and when the bus leaves for the airport and I'm almost completely broke after paying all the bills that I had to pay. Life sure is good!
But check this out, the first 10 seconds of this video are insane, prolly the coolest thing I have ever seen (I think I say that way too often).

Saturday, October 29, 2011


This feeling is killing me. I went to a halloween party last night with people dressed as random things, beerpong, and lots of alcoholic beverages. And fooooood! Hah, naah I was kinda busy drinking so didn't eat that much. I was too lazy to completely dress up so I just had a fake mustash and a hat that looked like a chicken. Here's the partners in crime, me and my chicken.

No need to talk about what happens after four games of beerpong since not that many can remember. To be honest I do remember everything from last night since I think I had like only oneb beer at the bar. We went to Baker's (once again) and I think the reason is that they hardly ever have a line there, but the dancefloor is allways over-crowded and the music is kinda shit but I guess it doesn't matter if you are surrounded by good friends and drinks. Had a pizza on my way home and I think that was the lifesaver, if I hadn't had that pizza I would have been far worse off this morning. Lalli and Max crashed on our couches last night and it's funny because I feel like both of them crash on our couch every second time they go drinking haha. But it's all good, just nice having people around. And Lalli, come get your clothes because you forget something almost every time. I like this about myself but I would like to know why I usually start cleaning and doing laundry when I'm hungover, started the day off by doing all the dishes, vacuuming and cleaning my room and folding and doing some more laundry. And something nice came out of it because I found my Rip Curl shirts that I've been looking for since this summer. Now I'm just waiting for something to happen or someone to call me about what's what.

Since my last post that was far too long ago as usual I haven't really been up to that much of anything new, basic work and bouldering. Well, at work there's always something crazy going on and people complaining about funny things. For example someone complained that the thai curry dish tasted too much of curry, another one complained that it didn't taste anything like in Thailand, SUPLAIIIIIS! And our boss wanted us to work on sunday cleaning the place and going trough the new dishes and how to make them. What he didn't say was that they weren't going to pay anything, this ended up with the whole thing getting cancelled because noone agreed to come without getting a sunday salary. They must really think we're morons...

Last weekend we headed out but I really can't say that much more since it got abit blurry. But I've been told that we met someone named Astrid and when she told us her named me and Aamos almost fell off our chairs because we laughed so hard, she had a hard time understanding what the fuck was up. The thing is that a week earlier or so me and Aamos saw an episode of The Office where someone was having a baby and someone read baby-names out loud to get feedback from the others or whatever. Reading the name Astrid incorrectly ending up saying something like "I don't think they will let you name your baby Assturd".
It might not sound that funny but in that state it was hilarious. They rest of the night is kinda unclear, something about noone selling beer at the bar and about someone doing alot of things that didn't make any sence. The next morning I felt like a winner, I was completely sure of that I have had a fun night.

Oh ye found this one online, kinda funny:

Oh what the flock, I'll give you this one aswell, got me laughing...

It seems like not that many have seen the movie Tron, if you like scifi and beautiful animated stuff you gotta see it, I felt like it was completely different from anything I've seen. Daft Punk has made the music for this movie and I gotta say, they did an amazing job. I really like the soundtrack but it's all instrumental so not necessarily for everyone.

I've seen alot of snowboarding related dreams lately so I guess I wanna go riding really badly. It's getting colder outside every day and next week I'm picking up my new board in Stockholm when I'm vising my little sister and her boyfriend. I have to try to take alot of pictures while I'm there. It's gonna be awesome to meet them and see how they live etc. I've never been in Stockholm for more than a day before so it feels kinda new.

I checked out the snowboardmovie DC's IT and I would say it's one of the best movies I've seen and I think it beats The Art of Flight by a mile. Definatly worth to watch. Here's Torstein Horgmo's (for those who doesn't know who it is I can only say that he has taken the sport to the next level) part. "FLOCK THAT RAIL SON!"
This is also a must watch, a very funny game. And with a Norwegian and a Icelander who both happen to be mad skilled snowboarders it can't get much better. If you like it check out the rest of Game of In Your Face episodes.

OK have to admit I can't wait to go snowboarding sooooooo bad!

And ending up with a toptally random but awesome dancing clip from AGT, this is so awesome you need a new word to describe it, mentic? Mentally epic, mepic?

Awesome ending, just spilled a beer all over my printer and desc, back to cleaning. FA-IIIIIIIL!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Criminal Penguins

Whaat! 10 days since my last post? I taught it was less than a week.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Busy busy busy!

Haven't posted anything for a very long time because I've simply been too tired. Alot of days I've had trouble staying awake around 9pm and then I've gone to bed around 10, but for some reason theese nights have been the most sleepless ones. For example I think it was on wednesday when I went to sleep 10:45pm and actually fell asleep somewhere around 3. I think this might have something to do with me trying out a diet for the past 2 weeks. On top of that I haven't eaten or drunk anything containing high amounts of calories.

So a cupple of weeks ago, 23.8, my brother got married. I have to say that the ceremony was really nice even tho it was the smallest one I have ever been to with only parents, grandparents and some siblings.
I would post pictures but it seems like all the ones I took are worthless, all blurry for some reason. But I actually saw one of the pictures that the photographer took during the party and I gotta say he couldn't have done a better job, I'll post the picture if I can get my hand on it and if the cupple don't mind. The next day it was time for the weddingparty with all the friends and relatives. I was totally stressed out because of the few things I had to take care of during the party but I think everything went really well. It was a nice party and a beautiful ceremony. All the best of luck and happiness to the happy cupple.

Due to my diet my life hasn't been that interesting lately, mainly work and bouldering. But I gotta say that I feel great after two weeks of an üüber healthy lifestyle, but occasionally I miss icecream sooooooooo bad, and maybe pizza... I've done some great progress in bouldering lately, even cleared a rout this week before Aamos  managed to clear it which is kinda huge thing for me since he is a much better climber than me. Then we got a Isamu, the freak-monkey of nature. Isamu has joines us for bouldering two times and I feel like he needs two more times to pass my skill level haha!

It's fun to see how winter is getting closer and people start to plan trips etc. I've started to check out what equipment I got and try to sell as much as possible of the useless stuff. I desided I have to do this since I got 4 jackets, 3 pair of pants, 4 helmets etc etc. Not long now before we get to hit the slopes, more than excited about that. So the plan would be to sell alot of my belongings, save up money like a madman, make a trip to the alps, maybe work in lapland for a few months and then head down to Indonesia for some diving and surfing. Let's see how it goes.

I have been listening to this station for many years but taught someone might be interested. .
I like this channel alot, can't really say anything bad about it.
And for those who didn't know the series I follow that are up and running again are: How I met your mother, How to make it in America (FINALLY, waited for ages), Vampire Diaries, Two and a Half men and Blue Mountain State. So still waiting for Eureka haha!

Time to wrap this up since I gotta be at work in 20mins. Upcoming stuff: visiting my sister in sweden, editing the wedding footage, getting my hands on nice pictures of myself from the wedding ofc, and... what was it... booouldering...?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Dunno what the Z stands for but check this out. Prolly the coolest trick from any sport I've ever seen.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Let's EAT!

Starting off with something to listen to while ready even tho this is going to be a short post, I think!
Eat Helsinki kicks off today which is awesome, definatly going to eat alot this time. For a whole two weeks you will be able to eat alot of different meals all over Helsinki (and Turku) for only 10€/meal.
I will at least go have some sushi, the biggest burger in town at Morrison's, Hot & Smokey Beef burger at Memphis and... well too much food to mention.
My arm still isn't feeling that well, I really wanna go climbing today since veryone else seems to be going but dunno if I should since I really can't seem to take it easy and climb easier stuff if I go.
Gimme a call if you feel like going eating!

I'm defrosting my fridge and it seems like it has some kind of magical eternal ice because it won't melt.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New post! ALREADY?


That song is amazing and the guy can really put on a show, that's for sure.

I totally killed it bouldering today, finnished all the lines that got left unfinnished last time, even the one that I hurt my hand on.

Hmm what else could be new... oh yeah, in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 I shot down a helicopter with a tank 5 times during one round, now that's something to tell your grandkids!

Stag party!

So I could write about it earlier because my brother might read this blog but we had a small stag party for him last friday, the wedding is a cupple of weeks later.
We did the basic stuff, dressed up as a reindeer, an old creepy man and a horse in a suite. And we kidnapped him from the "classroom" after he had this huge presentation in front of a bunch of professors and other important people. Oh ye, we put a gorilla mask on him and threw him in the trunk.

Then we drove off to the woods of Espoo, we desided to be fair and let Benjamin out of the trunk after a few hard turns and breaks. Handed him a beer and let him ride shotgun.
The rest of the night was all about really good food and lots of different brands of beer. I think everything about the food and the drinks was perfect. After many hours at the table it was time for the sauna with some more beer and swimming in the lake. It wasn't easy to find a place where you actually could go swimming but we made it anyways.
Benjamin happened to have one of his selfmade boardgames with him so we played it until some people had a hard time staying awake around 5am. And just for the record, I slaughtered them all, I was the laughter in slaughter. So this was more of a laid back stag party but it was actually really nice and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. So thanks to everyone who was there if you happen to read this.

The rest of the weekend I didn't do much. On sunday I met Kaarle and Hozzan and took them bouldering, they were surprisingly good at it when you think about that it was their first time.
I felt really good and did some lines I wouldn't have taught I could make but then, something snapped in my arm and it hurt like hell to use my index finger and my middle finger, and it hurt all the way to my elbow.
So I guess I sprained something, it has been feeling alot better today but the two fingers feel abit weak, I'm still thinking about going climbing tomorrow and I prolly will. I just need to warm up better and strech. There are some lines I just have to make because I haven't made the last move to the finish.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I'm back! I spent almost 3½ weeks out in the archipelago working and taking it easy.
Now I've been back for almost two weeks and I gotta say I've really used my time well because at the moment it looks like I got work at two different restaurants. I will prolly go mental working that much but at least I should be able to get some money saved, I need a GoPro camera for the winter and then I need to start saving money for a trip next spring, I just have to go surfing somewhere.
Last thursday we went out drinking with Kaarle (the guy we met at Riksgränsen) and had a great time. We started at my place and around the time we were about to leave Kaarle tells me that he can't go to any bar because he's too drunk, laff! The problem was solved by telling him that he wasn't that drunk. On the way to the bar we stopped a million times and just talked to random people on the street, by the time we got to the bar the clock was past 2am. We killed it on the dancefloor almost the whole time we were in there (I think we went to Tivoli) and then went for a snack with some people to McDonald's. For some reason Kaarle desided to bail and I continued to some afterparty with a group the a taught were all classmates, when in fact, only two of 8 (I think) people knew eachother.
The next day when I finally felt like I was in shape to drive, I picked up Lalli and we headed to the summerhouse for some fishing and drinking.
And that was my weekend, fishing, drinking and sauna. The weather was awesome almost the whole time and during the day you didn't even need wear a shirt since it was actually that warm, during the night again it got really cold, I guess summer is ending after all. Here is some pictures from our trip:
That shirt is awesome, we bought the same ones since you got 2 shirts for 10€ at the HongKong supermarket.

That Pike is actually kinda big, almost 5kg

For some reason I don't have any pictures of myself. All in all it was a good trip, we got enough fish to keep us interested in fishing every day, then again it's hard not to like just chilling in the boat the whole day when the weather is nice.

Here is some pictures from earlier this year when I played around with my phone and got some really nice pictures. Click for full size!

I know, really original of me to take pictures of flowers ^_^

So this week has been more or less about work and climbing. Noone wants to hear about booring work stuff but climbing/bouldering is awesome. Before I went to the summerhouse my hands had gotten used to climbing but now after almost a month long break it was a whole other story. My hands are killing me atm. This picture was taken on tuesday: 

That might not look so bad but after climbing today, it looked like someone had tortured my hands real bad. But it was all worth it, cleared a cupple of new lines which felt really good.
 I've been meaning to take bouldering pictures but somehow I never get it done. Maybe Panu could bring his camera some day when he comes climbing.
Seems like I have to wake up in 6 hours, someone said that you need to sleep every now and then.
I have no idea how I ended up reading quotes of Albert Einstein but I feel like I should share theese with you, that guy was a genious in so many ways.

"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." 

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school." 

"Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater." 

"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Danny MacAskill and Deers ^_^

Might have posted link about this before but I don't think you can post enough videos of this guy.
Danny MacAskill is a frikin wizard on his bike and every time I se a new clip of him it just blows my mind as much as the first time.

This is the first one I saw and I still thinks it's insane.

Great music on both videos but I really like the song in the second one.
Band of Horses - The Funeral

About the deers around our house, I think they want me to become their leader. They keep coming closer to the house and when I come out they just stare at me, there's even a few with killer antlers.
I've tried to get some nice pictures taken but I need a better camera and I can't seem to get my videocamrea to work either.

Monday, August 22, 2011

My vacation at work!

Check this out, most awesome dish ever:
Bananas, blueberries and milk. BLAM! [soundeffect]
I might be abit bored, I'm not really sure. Slept for half the day and watched Burn notice for a cupple of hours since the weather outside isn't really that good. Getting this post done is a pain in the nads since the connection is so weak and I had to reload the page like ten times to even get started. Uploading that picture took me about 7mins.
I would give you a link if I could get the youtube site to load, but at this point anyone reading a blog online should know how to use youtube or spotify. Look up Pendulum - Still Grey, depends on what you like but I think it's an excellent chillout song. In the winter I like riding to this kinda music.
The upcoming winter really seems to be creeping up on me even tho I still wear shorts most of the days and get to work by boat. Talked with Timo who is park manager on Levi if I'm not mistaken, about changes they will make this winter etc. After that I've been thinking ALOT about all the things
I wanna do next winter, tricks to learn, rails to hit, spots to kill.

I did however realize that it's still late summer and that I have to entertain myself in other ways.
Time at the summerhouse has been really nice even thos there isn't that much to do if the weather is bad. I've been working a fair amount of days and it's been fun, when you're out here it still feels abit like vacation, and the people I work with are cool which is nice. One day when we didn't have anything else to do with Jesper we took the Mini Buster (9.9hp) for a one hour long boat ride to the bar the most furthest away bor beer and shots and then headed back. Actually we might have spent a good hour or two there. The easiest thing to do would have been to go to the restaurant we work at and drink there, the second easiest way would have been another place only about 5mins away. But it's always fun with a little adventure and we had fun so who cares.
So most of the time I've been at work or hanging out with the people from work but I've been doing some summer stuff aswell. Only some days ago me and Jesper went sailing with my buddy's 420. Again, google it cos it's a really cool boat but I can't link a picture since it will take me a year to get the pictures to load. I've been taking some awesome pictures with my phone. For example this one night when I headed home after having some beers after work there was this absolutely amazing moment out at sea. No sounds of anything, the water all around me was completely still as a mirror, and it was full moon which made everything look like a dream. I killed the engine and just sat there for a while, totally amazing moment.
Tonight I'm thinking about going fishing since the weather seems ok for it, I've gone fishing a cupple of times and gotten some pike and some bass (I think it's called in english, not sure). Would be nice to get a bigger catch.
Now I got some days off and totally scouting the jobmarket for when I get back home, I got one interview already so that's nice since I only got a week or two weeks tops left at the place I work at now.
I guess I'd better start cooking dinner and head out fishing before it's too dark.
Take care!

Friday, August 5, 2011


On my way to the summerhouse and since the busride I quite booring I desided to write something.
I got my 2 seats and set up my "office", got my phone for pictures, my laptop with mobile network, my shades, chilinuts, baby carrots and raspberry flavoured mineral water, you could say I got everything.

This is actually the second time I'm going there this summer cos I spent last weekend there aswell. But there isn't really that much to tell about the past weeks, just work, climbing and the gym.
Last weekend I caught up with some "summerfriends" (people you only meet at the summer house) and with the family. I took some nice nature pictures with my phone that I will uppload when I get a faster connection somewhere. Spending time at the summer house is all about sauna, swimming, chilling and spending time in the nature fishing and picking berries and mushrooms etc etc. I got a 500g pike which was my first catch of the year, hooray!
Will be nice to go there for a longer time now, and my sister is there with her boyfriend so it's nice to get to spend some time with them aswell.

My first summerjob ended today so now I have to figure out what to do next. For the moment it looks like I might work at a restaurant out in the archipelago for the most part of this month but I'll know for certain tomorrow when I go talk to the people working there.

I've felt distracted the last few day for some reason and now I totally lost my focus in writing it seems.
I guess I'll write some more when I can manage to keep my taughts together.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Retarded drivers!

People are MESSED UP, no need to explain the situation but the massacre in Norway was insane. I mean something is beyond seriously wrong with you if you end up shooting almost 100 people, I'm not sure but I think that's alot more than the average soldier in any war, there's something to think about. It's a f'd up world, I feel like shit thinking about the people that lost their kids and close ones to some random psycho who thinks it's ok to prove a point by killing people that's haven't done anything wrong. People he didn't even know, the biggest reason was prolly just the location.

The reason to my headline this time is that it seems like people loose their driving skills when it starts raining, today it rained kinda hard but it wasn't bad. However, people drove 20 below the limit which is in my opinion retarded. But I guess it's better to be safe than sorry. Hoooray for all you drivers out there pissing me off in the traphic. Come to think about it I get pissed off at everyone while driving, so nothing new there.

Lately my life has been kinda the same as all the weeks before. That would be work and working out. Aamos introduced me to a sport new to me, bouldering.
Bouldering is a style of rock climbing undertaken without a rope and normally limited to very short climbs over a crash pad (called a bouldering mat) so that a fall will not result in serious injury. It is typically practiced on large natural boulders or artificial boulders in gyms and outdoor urban areas. However, it may also be practiced at the base of larger rock faces, or even on buildings or public architecture (see buildering).
Straight outta wikipedia.
This picture will give you an idea if you're still wondering. This is actually the place we went to today!

I really recommend this for anyone, great fun and an awesome workout.
And if you wanna try it out the first time will cost you 6 or 7€.

I actually went bouldering for a cupple of hours today, after that I went to my first Body Pump class ever, haha! Body Pump was awesome. I felt like an idiot at first since my arms didn't want to move that much at first after the bouldering and only my feet were moving. I think I got the hang of it the last 20mins. It's basically more or less a full body workout with step boards, hand weights etc etc. I know alot of guys think it's like a chick thing but there was actually around 30% males there, this makes you feel abit better since you prolly won't be the only weird lookign dude there. Awesome workout if you like to really work out to the limit. After the bodypump I continued with basic stuff at the gym since biggest looser was on so I couldn't miss that. So I used everything that was in sight of the TV for almost an hour. Treadmill, exercise bike and the rowing machine.
Now I'm tired but I feel awesome.

I knew she was the perfect and I taught it couldn't get any better, but c'mon, boobies launching fireworks!!! Perfect woman ^_^

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Plants at the office!

Starting off with the plant thingy. This is a plastic plant I saw in the lobby at a very well known building in Helsinki where some pretty bad ass firms have their headquarters. Doesn't it look like a certain plant you might not want to have in your lobby?

Maybe someone is just checking if the plants draw any attention, and if they don't, this person will replace them with real ones, who knows?

This other day I saw this nice car at work, and here is a picture from Ruisrock when Manu Chao was playing aswell.

Manu Chao was beyond legendary, beyegendary!

Last friday I just chilled at home with Andy and Max and had some beers and watched whatever was on TV, then andy went home and around 01:00 we headed out for a beer.
We didn't even have that much to drink during the night, but I was still very hungover the next day. I guess that how old people feel, burn?

On saturday I just tried to get my strength back and didn't do anything until around 7PM when I desided to join Panu, Max and Eva at Tirmo Blues. This is a small Blues festival in the Pellinki archipelago, alot of people, nice people, good looking people, and people that want to beat you up. I was talking to this guy about something and about slaping people so he said, or actually begged me to slap him. So I slapped him, but not hard since I didn't know if he was a psycho or retarded or something. He wasn't satisfied with the slap at all and told me to slap him hard. At this point his buddy told me that I had to back of while his idiot girlfriend slapped me from behind him. Women, if you are reading this, here comes the rule of voilence involving women.
1.If two girls fight they are alowed to do anything and you musn't interfere
2.A man/boy may not hit a woman/girl, UNLESS she hits him first with any kind of reason. And NO, it's not a good reason that some friend of yours is in a fight with someone.

So there you have the two laws. However I desided to go with the "calling names" solution since she was like 12 years old and tried insulting me with stuff that didn't makes sense.
Sunday morning was awesome even if I felt like shit. Woke up with Panu beside me and Panu's hyper dog just nutting (when you go nuts) around. Just basic chilling at the summer house and then Panu's parents made this mega-dinner with a table full of..... everything. Just awesome to sit outside and eat like a crazy person to cure your hangover.

Last of all I want to post this picture showing my phone upgrade

HTC Sensation, greatest phone ofc, I discover new things you can do with it every day, it's like an adventure in your pocket.
If you're bored and need something to do and you have a smartphone, download Robo Defence. I will prolly get totally hooked and might start suffering from epilepsia.

Ken Block Riding pow in his Rally car, seriously wtf?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I really need to get a grip when it comes to update this blog.
We Wyc's birthday party was actually awesome. Really good snacks/food, strong drinks, awesome people and drinking games. Wyc got the Kimble game for his birthday, not a normal one because it was modified into a drinking game. Can't really remember the details but I remember the community cup and that you had to drink often, it was similar to California Kings, Kings, Ring of death etc. Their actually all almost the same, but different. I got one thing to say about this game, it's not a good idea to drink wine while playing.
I left Wyc's party to meet some friends in the city, entering the bus I gave my strong opinions on the price of the ticket to the driver who the said: "I know, it makes no sense. Just go this time for free". This ofcourse made him my best friend instantly and we chatted about something the whole way (fuzzy?). Getting to the city I went to the wrong bar, which didn't mather cus they wouldn't let me in. For some reason I didn't go to to the Iso Roba festival where my friends were, instead I gave up, grabbed some burgers from McDonald's and went home.
All in all I would say it was a really nice evening.

During the weekdays I've just been doing basic stuff like seing friends and working out. The workouts really make you feel and sleep well, my new shoes have been awesome and the protein naturally helps you recover faster. I really recommend this for anyone who works out more than a cupple of times per week.

Last weekend it was time for something radical and on thursday I desided to head out to Ruisrock in Turku with Panu and Bisse.
We arrived in turku on friday around 8PM, we would have arrived earlier but we ran into some trouble when Bisse reminded Panu about the tickets and he realised that he forgot them at home, so they went to Bisses place to print some new ones, and then there was something wrong with the printer and so on.
However we saw a cupple of artists and Prodigy, I got abit too excited and went on a party rampage with a bottle of booze. Lost my friends and my memory. Only thing I can remember was partying with some awesome chick and then waking up 3 hours after the show on the lawn at the busstop 3km from the festival area.
So this is prolly the only person who might know what happened:

So please contact me if you know who this is! ^_^
After waking up on the lawn (or a field, not rly sure) I took the bus the city center and a cab from there to Anna's (Panu's girlfriend) cave.
Next day I actually felt ok and we woke up and started drinking, played it cool on the golf course, I won ofc. And headed out to Ruissalo where the festival is.
When we got in I instantly started chatting with some people and after that I couldn't find the others. The battery on my cell was dead ofc so I had to leave it at the charging tent.
The rest of the day I just spent with alot of random people since I couldn't find anyone and when I got my phone back there was no chance in getting trough to anyone.
So I spent around 8 hours with radom people and then just before the last gig Anna just happened to spot me. After the gig we all went back to Anna's cave together so I guess the night could have ended up worse, but then again you never know.
Sunday was all good chilling, downing the beers was HAAAARD! But what can you do, you have to drink them anyways right? After drinking the first beer everyone felt like they had a 6-pack in their bellies already.
After a hard struggle it got easier, Panu got to the finals of the air bullriding contest but didn't get into the top 3 which sucked cos he should've been in the top 3. Everyone else left on sunday but we desided with Panu to stay for the whole day and leave on monday morning. It was fun because people get really weird and funny after partying in the sun for 3 days, we had some awesome laughs on sunday.

This week I'm staying at mom's and dad's since noone is here for the whole week and it's about 40 degrees in our appartment.
Went to see Thor 3D on monday with Isamu, nice visual effects and you could have called it an action packed romantic comedy fantasy/scifi movie. The storyline isn't for everyone but I like it when they use real names from gods and demons etc. Surprisingly it actually got 7.4 on IMDB TRAILER
Checked out Kung Fu Panda yesterday with Isamu and Nelly so that we can go see Kung Fu Panda 2, yaaaay!
Tomorrow it's time for the new Transformers movie, and I don't care about the storyline after all since transformers are awesome and the movies are visually amazing. But I hate that Megan Fox isn't in this one and I kinda makes the movies weird. This is truly because she is an awesome actress.

I'm really bored so I guess I'll just head out for a run since I can't even edit anything since I got all the footage on my stationary computer.
Tomorrow will be a good day, tranformers and maybe I'll even get my new cellphone.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Just came up with a great party plan for next weekend, in involves two big citys in Finland, the largest/longest/biggest/awesomest beach and beachparty and a music festival with some roadtrip thrown in between everything. Just need to find someone to join me on this journey, on the quest of finding the most legendary party.

Seems like this is going to be a good weekend. Yester day I bought a tablefan because our appartment is and will be a sauna for the next two months at least, true lifesaver. Next on the shopping list, runningshoes adiZero Aegis 2.0, still haven't tried them out but I'm sure their relly fast, and they're green :)

Later I went out for some beers at some local wateringholes and met some awesome people. At the first place there was this really fat dude who was just funny looking, can't really explain. Then there was this woman sitting in the table next to our table with her friends and her dog. This was prolly the most ugly dog ever, I think it was this race:

with alittlebit of hair here and there and the annoying kind that sits in the owners lap all the time and licks the owners face like it would be the cure to all diseases on earth. However, this dog managed to push over a pint at some point, got scared and jumped down from the table. At this point the owner starts calling the dog and we were about to fall off our chairs when we heard the dogs name. HILTON!!!!!! WTF? Seriously? You got the ugliest dog on earth which you treat like a princess and you named the big rat Hilton.

Later on at the next place which was really cheap there were some really funny drunk people, when this one guy left the bar and payed his bill I was amazed by the number, 101€! At this place, beer, cider, lonkero, and some shots were 3€. Props to that guy.
At this place we also met a guy dressed in a strong leather/safari theme who was prolly the coolest rock dude I've met. He told us about his rock'n'roll life playing guitar in a bunch of different band and about his son who played drumms in a band which I can't remember the name of. But one of the artists this dude had played along side with was Pelle Miljoona, so that's something.
It's funny when you go to the nightclubs you hardly ever meet people who have anything interesting to say but when you go to a local pub you might end up listening to someone telling really interesting stuff about their life and taughts.

Well it's time to start cooking dinner and heading out again for Wyci's bday and maybe Iso-Roba "festival".

Thursday, June 30, 2011


OK the training began yesterday and I feel great already, exercise does wonders to you ;)
Now I have spent two days in almost the exact same way.
1. Ride bike to work
2. Earn some money at work
3. Ride bike to gym
4. Try to look like you know what your doing at the gym
5. Ride bike home from the gym
6. Eat
7. Do nothing
8. Go to bed

well there are some small differences, yesterday I saw a weird street musician in a very colorful striped jumpsuit playing some weeeeird shiat on his electric guitar. (Yes, he had an amplifier and was standing in front of the central railway station) Too bad I noticed that I had my camera in my backpack at the point I got home.
Today I almost got run over by a copcar while running a red light on my bike.

=3 just became the most subscribed channel on YouTube, which is awesome cos it rocks, if you say it isn't you don't know what your talking about.

Now I totally frogot what I had on my mind so this is it for today.
I've began to go trough all of my snowboarding video footage so hopefully I will get the "movie" done before fall.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer is here and Elvis is alive!!!

For real, I actually saw Elvis today, he was walking on the street talking finnish on his mobile. So if someone asks, he never died, but desided to move to Finland.

I haven't really been doing that much of anything lately since I got almost no money, and I'm trying to buy some jogging/gym gear without getting totally robbed.
Gym season begins tomorrow, looking forward to it.

To begin with our building is getting a "facelift" which means that you don't see anything out the windows and you don't get any fresh air in the appartment. On the bright side this makes you wanna spend more time outside in the sun.
For example selling your stuff on a flea market is a great way to spend a day, you get money for stuff you don't want and take up space at home. But still end up buying someone's else stuff for 5€ and then you got even more stuff to drag home at the end of the day. I've been sellign at the flea market with a good friend 3 times and at this point I think we still have as much stuff as we started with.

As soon as I got home from Levi I took my smartphone to the retailer to get the screen repaired and they told me it will take 4-6 weeks. So After 6 weeks I went back and asked if it's ready. They confirmed it had been sent but it seemed like no1 had repaired it, at this point he said he'll send me an e-mail the next day when they get the whole mess cleared up.
The next day I got the e-mail where he explained that they sent it for service but I never got there. "If we don't find your phone within a week we'll give you a new one". Laff!

During my first week back in Helsinki I saw something amusing, this weird looking, maybe 7 year old kid dancing the Macarena dance outside McDonald's checking himself out in the window's reflection, I think the people inside taught he was dancing for them or something. I felt like I had to do something, cover him up with a huge rock maybe? Hehe! I desided not to do anything since it had gone far enough, he couldn't be saved anymore.

Midsummer was last week and you never have to tell anyone about it because everyone knows what you did. For 3 days the only things you had to do with was drinking, BBQ, sauna, drinking, sleeping and drinking. If something especially funny happened you prolly don't remember it so who cares right? But ye it was all good times but I feel like it's beginning get get alittlebit too much of the same every year. Maybe something totally different next year?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

What happened?

The end of the season got pretty hectic and I have nothign else to say for myself to explain why I haven't blogged in almost a month now.
The end of the season was alot of work and bad weather, and ofcourse alot of partying coming to the first of May and people realizing they won't be seing each other in the next 8 months or longer.
First of May wasn't that special, alot of people dressed up as animals and other funny things but then again people do that on Levi during almost the whole spring season so it felt more or less normal. Only differense was that people were partying harder than usual, and it was a fun weekend.

After two days of partying we headed to Riksgränsen in Sweden for some BC riding.
The carride takes about 5 hours from Levi and you get to go abroad, heh! The scenery in that area is amazing but a very disturbing thing was all the reindeer cadavers along the road, some in a thousand bits and some eaten to the bones by other animals.
When we got the the hotel in Riksgränsen we unpacked, ate some noodles and when hiking, at 11pm. At that time of the yer it never gets completely dark over there so you could ride durin the whole night if you wanted to, but nights are colder and after a warm day everything becomes more or less ice. First hike was about 150m and maybe 20m vertical haha! After that we checked out some higher "peaks", it was all more about hiking than quality riding but we had fun so who cares.

Riksgränsen day one!
Woke up around 9, ate some breakfast, got our passes and headed to the lifts, everyone were hyped to go riding Riksgränsen.
From the chairlift you can clearly see alot of awesome lines. Due to the hard snowfall they had during the week before followed by awesome weather during the weekend, everything had been ridden and all that was left was ice.

During theese following day I think we were around 15 people from Levi but I ended up riding with only Aki, Marika and Marja. The first rides were with almost everyone that came from Levi but then we headed hiking sinse there was no park what so ever and now pow near the slopes.
First hike was up the closest peak at around 1000+ meters above sealevel to a peak I think is called Nordalsfjället from where you can ride down to the lifts if you feel like it. Thats a really popular ride so you got nice tracks to hike on that side.
The reason Marika is hikin on the side of the track is that the steps on the tracks are annoyingly big for her short legs :) She's still a hardcore hiker.

When we got up there we needed to choose which direction to ride to since you could ride in all directions. But ofcourse you had to spend some times taking pictures on the top of our first hike:

Behind me is the mark of the highest point and Marika taking a picture of the Norwegian fjord you can see behind us. The sign or poster is actually a recruitment poster for the swedish army, laff!
We ended up riding down the other side of the mountain, we knew the hike back to the resort would be alot longer but it was completely untouched so we desided it was worth it, and it was.
I actually have some video footage of one of the first runs, unstable filming etc. so desided to just upload the raw footage.

The point is to show where we spend most of our first day hiking a mellow run in the sun. (awesome rime by the way)
There was 5-10cm of powder on a harder layer of snow, it felt really good even tho deeper pow would have been nice, The rest of the week we actually went to other places with abit deeper pow.
After hiking almost the whole day everyone had a hard time even staying awake after getting to the hotel, I don't think I managed to stay awake past 12 a single night. (now I'm not counting the night we got there when we were out hiking until 1am or something)

Riksgränsen day 2

In the morning I had a talk with one of the heli-ski guides who when I asked him told me that you get to ride the same stuff as you do going on a heli-ski trip if you hike the peaks around Riksgränsen. We still wanted to go further than the day before so we rented a snowmobile, funny thing is that there were 4 of us and we rented one, this actually made it more fun.
Aki had to make a detour with the thing to get about halfway up the mountain so the rest of us took the lift up and we met at the restaurant at the slopes.
From this point Aki and Marika were on the snowmobile and the pulled me and Marja, this worked really well and was really fun.

The weather was still perfect, just cold enough not to get slushy and sunny the whole day. Giving each others rides to the top with the snowmobile was fun both for the ones riding and the ones driving. A truly legendary day.
We got back around 5 or 6, made some dinner and made a trip to Narvik, Norway. Narvik was nice, I think all of Norway is but still... Some old ladys celebrating something wanted me to take like a zillion pics of the with their cameras and as a reward I got a red rose, very romantic gesture.

We checked out the scenery, bought beer, cider, candy and Marja bought a toy and then we headed back to Sweden.

Riksgränsen day 3

Still snowmobiling up and down the hills. Well, actually not that many times since we started of the day with a almost 4 hours long hike to a peak something like 1542m above sealevel on the norwegian side of the border. First part of the hike was trough a ravine or whatever you wat to call it, the sun was reflecting from every direction and it was hotter than hot. On the way we saw this jump that some moron had built, crazy narrow takeoff, steep as f and then almost flat so that the g-force will throw you to the ground. Might have been the reason why there were only two tracks on the landing. The guy who jumped and the guy who promised to jump if his buddy jumps ;)

After a while we got of the ravine or small valley and it got steeper, then steeped and even more steep. I was so hyped halfway up when I realized that there actually was quite alot of pow at that altitude already, this was going to be a legendary ride.


I will continue this post when I got more time....

.....that will be today.

So finally getting to the top of the mountain after an almost 4 hour hike the feeling was more than rewarding, and the view absolutely breathtaking.
It seemed like every time we hiked we spend almost one hour at the top just fooling around taking ALOT of pictures.
Since I got lots of pictures from this trip I was thinking of putting them all up on flickr or something. I'll check that out later today.
After almost an hour we strapped in and headed down the mountain. I desided to pick a steeper line which ended up in a small bowl because almost the whole line was in the shade almost during the whole day and I had a hunch that there would be deeper pow within that area.
I was right, I had deep and soft powder the whole run. At the end it got really steep, I had to remember what the face looked like since I remember there being some small drops with rocks in the landing etc. The run went well and I was so hyped when I got to the bottom I couldn't find words for the feeling, it was just amazing.
We got back kinda late and as usual everyone were all out of juice and kinda fell asleep wherever. This was awesome, spending the whole day outside hiking and riding and then just fall asleep when you get home and sleep better than ever, wake up, and do it again.

Riksgränsen day 4!
We had to clean our room before breakfast because they wanted the inspect it before we could leave. Then we packed everything in the car and went riding.
We had no sled today so we just hit the groomers and did some easier hikes on Nordalsfjället. As every day before it was sunny, we basically took it easy and had some fun before we had to head back to Levi.

Last days at Levi
Last days at Levi can be summed easily into saying that they were days of partying with people you'll prolly run into the next winter the next time if even then.
There was the Levi Camp351 happening at the flontslope park, I went there and had some fun on the jumps even if the park was in terrible shape cos of the warm weather and rain. It was still fun to hit some bethods and rocket airs. Oh yeah, I got my new boots on the last day of riding which made riding abit scetchy.
It was a nice ending to the season with 2 days of partying, live music and good company. But at the same time it felt good to leave Levi for a while at least.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

We came, we saw, and we were awesome!

Epic day today and it sucks I got too carried away to take some pictures because I/we built some crazy stuff in the park. The front slope park was a lost cause today so desided not to ride there at all.
So we shaped and salted almost all the jumps at the Snow Park. I shaped a big snowpile so that you could hit it in any way possible. Then we built a small jump on the side of a bigger one that you could use as a step-up jump onto the table of the bigger jump or just gap the whole thing. I actually gapped it once flying the whole way in a horizontal position, Aki laughed his ass of and it's all good cos I didn't get hurt one bit. This small jump can also be used as a corner if you land on the side of the bigger one, this whole thing prolly sounds more then alittlebit confusing.
last obstacle was a small pit/speedturn thingy (can't really explain this) which forced oyu into a bs rotation.
All in all the day was great, was warm enough to shred in a longsleeved shirt the whole day, not even wind today to mess things up.
Threw down some switch backside fives that felt awesome (which is all that mathers ;) and some corner handplants to bellyslides.
Reporting from our roof, over and out!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's getting hotter!

Hello everyone, if anyone actually reads this.
During the day we had like +10 degrees and sunny weather. I got my day off tomorrow so it's going to be epic if the weather stays the same, was thinking about spending my day doin tricks that I have no idea what so ever how to do.
Work has been crazy, we are selling 450+ pizzas almost every day and due to the nice weather people tend to drink more and act like idiots.
I guess someone took a hard fall at the front slope park today cos the abulance came there, then the fire department to close off the area and then the medi-helicopter, which usually means that something serious has happened. Let's hope nothing that bad happened.
The Disco Ensemble gig was LEGENDARY, I had an awesome night partying ike a crazy person.
Well, I guess it's time for Mountain Lab 1.5 and bed after that, big day tomorrow :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

1 down, 9 to go!

That's how many days I got left at work.
Taught I might share this video, pure beautie:

The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

Party and shredding

So yesterday I desided to head out even tho I didn't get anyone to join me, and it was actually okay. Checked out 4 different bars and ended up finding some familiar faces. All in all a fun night.
For some reason I woke up early today even tho I went to bed around 4:30, headed for the SnowPark and for once the weather was on my side, sunny and almost no wind.
After some careful shaping and salting it was on, the landings were rock hard but I desided not to let it bother me. I had to admit the I got some nice bruises on my behind and it feels like someone shot me in the rear.
A friend filmes some of my runs, theese runs didn't go very well, when we put the camera away things got better. It's too bad I didn't get any good material from today but atleast it was a great day.
Disco Ensemble is performing live at Hullu Poro Areena on thursday which means that there is no way anyone can stop me from partying like an animal on thursday. It's prolly one of the best live bands in Finland, can't wait for the show.
Time to go to bed, work tomorrow again, and I got zero motivation left for work, trying to find the strength for 12 more days, but it's hard :(

Monday, April 18, 2011

This just in!

So today and tomorrow I don't have to go to work, this means that the weather is in some way shitty as usual, getting kinda tired of this, it's just depressing.
Went shredding today early in the morning since I was hoping to get some cool stuff filmed in the snowpark now that they have made the big kickers even bigger. Only problem, the frikin wind, once again. It seems like every single day I don't have to work the wind is there to ruin it all. Before heading to the slopes I went and bought some bananas and chocolate for lunch, had my camera fully charged so everything was perfect to start with.
As i said the weather was hopeless, bumped into Arttu who had realized the situation and was hitting the park on telemark skis and doing some really weird looking tricks. Later on he had changed to this this I don't even know what it's called but it's basically a mountainbike with small skis instead of wheels.
The sun was out for a while but then the wind picked up and it got cloudy so I just called it a day, bought a box of wine and went home.
Getting my buzz on it felt like even the TV is cursed today, first show on was some sick show called Man vs. Food. Basically this show is all about some dude visiting diners in the U.S. where they have this wall of fame for people who manage to eat a f-load of food in a short amount af time. I was close to loosing my sh*t looking at the poor guy trying to down 12 small hamburger looking things with ALOT of meat etc. and 200g of onionrings in 30 mins, seriously WTF?
Then 70's Show was on, suprisingly this was also some freaky musical episode where all the characters sang every 2 mins, what's up with this day?
Now I'm just listening to Slagsmålsklubben, drinking vine and watching Americas Funniest Home Videos without the sounds.

Tip of the day:
Check out a band called Scissors For Lefty for some great music.

Here are the pictures from my day on skis:

Klick on the picture for a larger image!

Friday, April 15, 2011


Starting off with this, how awesome is this?

I should have written about my next day but that day sucked big time so kinda just forgot to write.
The night was cold which ment that the backcountry was all ice the next day so no bc jumping, just desided to ride around the mountain and check out all the slopes. I bet at least 5 slopes will have to close within this week due to the lack of snow. Here are some pictures I took:

After that I was working a morning shift and then I got sick etc (some shitty doctor didn't even listen to be, pushed me out the door and gave me 2 sick days, wtf? seriously? 2 days?) I don't feel like sharing my symptoms but let's say that a doctor should take her/his job abit more seriously. Damn I was pissed.
So I was 1 day sick from work and the other day was my day off anyways. Today when I got to work for a 10h 45min shift my boss was giving me shit for being one day sick from work, WTF?
She gave me examples of people that had worked for her for example someone who had such a bad stomach ache at work that he had to lie down on the floor cos of the cramps etc. My response was that I'm nyt that f*cking stupid that I let something go that far before I go see a doctor.
Definatly going riding tomorrow morning to ease my mind and nerves.
The snow is melting reaaaaaally fast, it's insane. The second day I was sick at home the girls (my flatmates) had some friends over for a BBQ, the sun was shining and it was really warm outside. For the first time I felt like summer aint so bad when we all sat up on our roof just chilling in the sun, our roof is prolly the most laid back place on Levi.
Looks like I have at least some work this summer which is nice. I should apply for a school but I seem to forget about it all the time.
What's up with 50% of all the people that come to Koti Pizza where I work are 70+ years old, you would think they would like to eat some "real" food. You almost get surprised every time someone below 20 comes and dines.
It sucks that the season is almost over and not one single friend has come to see me. Well there is a chanse of Panu coming here so tat would be nice.
Now I forgot how to end this post, I had an idea earlier but whatever.
Keep it real!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

When the shi... snow hits the fan!

Well, no Championships for me, got some complications with the logistics and accommodation so here we are. Still at Levi, not at Åre or Ruka as I had planned.
One week off work is fine aswell. I haven't gone out drinking (actually not out at all) or partying nad I've been riding alot.
The weather has gotten really warm and the sun is shining almost every day which means that you need to do alot of work if you want to jump in the park, shaping and salting is a must because of all the soft/loose snow. Since Levi doesn't pay anything to do theese things like in many places in the U.S. and Canada, you have to do this yourself. The halfpipe has been in surprisingly good shape alowing you to get som nice air under your feet.
One day I landed a fs720 somehow too much on my toes and ended up hurting my ancle. The next day it hurt alot to ride the pipe so went and rented some skis. This actually worked, I didn't feel any pain riding the pipe and jumps on skis, I don't think it was that amazing to watch but it was fun. Hopefully I will get some pictures from my day on skis.
This week I think me and Marika got some kind of depression when we realized that the season is coming to an end faster then we taught, and I was already in a bad mood when I realized I wouldn't make it to the championships. I had to do something about this so I desided to reward myself with a pair of goggles.
Electric EG2, awesome goggles. Really durable lens and the visibility is great!

Today I woke up early and desided to shape and salt all the jumps early. This started off nicely, getting the equipment I noticed that all the salt was gone. Shaping the jumps on warm weather without salting them is a lost case since they will just get soft again. Finally I got some salt after checking with the guys at the other park. Since the weather got warm early in the morning the jumps (there is five of them) were already really soft so it took me some time to get them all fixed. The sun was shining as usual so it wasn't that bad.
When I got the jumps ready, and I'm not kidding you, it took 5 minutes for the sky to fill with grey clouds and thhen it started raining, after that snowing litely, then raining again, then heavy snowfall. After 1 hour of really strange weather I got slowly better and after a cupple of hours the sun was shining again. WTF?

Met up with Aki (this is another Aki) and filmed some big airs in the pipe and fooled around backflipping which ended up with Aki by mistake doing a bs Rodeo which he then started to practise. His reaction to the first time was funny: "What did I just do?"

Aki had to go to work at around three when the wind was getting stronger, shortly after that the pipe felt like a windtunnel and getting enough speed for the kickers got really hard so I desided to go build a backcountry kicker for tomorrow since we should go minus celcius tonight.

Doesn't look like much but it has potential :P

Getting there took me around 10-15mins since the snow was like glue and the nose of my board kept diving deep into the wet snow getting me stuck all the time.
Getting me back to the slopes took me around 30mins :D

This is how you ride to not get stuck every 5 meters:

It was hell, even tho I kept to the snow-shoing trail I got stuck quite often.

End of the trail and of a long day!