Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer is here and Elvis is alive!!!

For real, I actually saw Elvis today, he was walking on the street talking finnish on his mobile. So if someone asks, he never died, but desided to move to Finland.

I haven't really been doing that much of anything lately since I got almost no money, and I'm trying to buy some jogging/gym gear without getting totally robbed.
Gym season begins tomorrow, looking forward to it.

To begin with our building is getting a "facelift" which means that you don't see anything out the windows and you don't get any fresh air in the appartment. On the bright side this makes you wanna spend more time outside in the sun.
For example selling your stuff on a flea market is a great way to spend a day, you get money for stuff you don't want and take up space at home. But still end up buying someone's else stuff for 5€ and then you got even more stuff to drag home at the end of the day. I've been sellign at the flea market with a good friend 3 times and at this point I think we still have as much stuff as we started with.

As soon as I got home from Levi I took my smartphone to the retailer to get the screen repaired and they told me it will take 4-6 weeks. So After 6 weeks I went back and asked if it's ready. They confirmed it had been sent but it seemed like no1 had repaired it, at this point he said he'll send me an e-mail the next day when they get the whole mess cleared up.
The next day I got the e-mail where he explained that they sent it for service but I never got there. "If we don't find your phone within a week we'll give you a new one". Laff!

During my first week back in Helsinki I saw something amusing, this weird looking, maybe 7 year old kid dancing the Macarena dance outside McDonald's checking himself out in the window's reflection, I think the people inside taught he was dancing for them or something. I felt like I had to do something, cover him up with a huge rock maybe? Hehe! I desided not to do anything since it had gone far enough, he couldn't be saved anymore.

Midsummer was last week and you never have to tell anyone about it because everyone knows what you did. For 3 days the only things you had to do with was drinking, BBQ, sauna, drinking, sleeping and drinking. If something especially funny happened you prolly don't remember it so who cares right? But ye it was all good times but I feel like it's beginning get get alittlebit too much of the same every year. Maybe something totally different next year?

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