Friday, August 26, 2011

Danny MacAskill and Deers ^_^

Might have posted link about this before but I don't think you can post enough videos of this guy.
Danny MacAskill is a frikin wizard on his bike and every time I se a new clip of him it just blows my mind as much as the first time.

This is the first one I saw and I still thinks it's insane.

Great music on both videos but I really like the song in the second one.
Band of Horses - The Funeral

About the deers around our house, I think they want me to become their leader. They keep coming closer to the house and when I come out they just stare at me, there's even a few with killer antlers.
I've tried to get some nice pictures taken but I need a better camera and I can't seem to get my videocamrea to work either.

Monday, August 22, 2011

My vacation at work!

Check this out, most awesome dish ever:
Bananas, blueberries and milk. BLAM! [soundeffect]
I might be abit bored, I'm not really sure. Slept for half the day and watched Burn notice for a cupple of hours since the weather outside isn't really that good. Getting this post done is a pain in the nads since the connection is so weak and I had to reload the page like ten times to even get started. Uploading that picture took me about 7mins.
I would give you a link if I could get the youtube site to load, but at this point anyone reading a blog online should know how to use youtube or spotify. Look up Pendulum - Still Grey, depends on what you like but I think it's an excellent chillout song. In the winter I like riding to this kinda music.
The upcoming winter really seems to be creeping up on me even tho I still wear shorts most of the days and get to work by boat. Talked with Timo who is park manager on Levi if I'm not mistaken, about changes they will make this winter etc. After that I've been thinking ALOT about all the things
I wanna do next winter, tricks to learn, rails to hit, spots to kill.

I did however realize that it's still late summer and that I have to entertain myself in other ways.
Time at the summerhouse has been really nice even thos there isn't that much to do if the weather is bad. I've been working a fair amount of days and it's been fun, when you're out here it still feels abit like vacation, and the people I work with are cool which is nice. One day when we didn't have anything else to do with Jesper we took the Mini Buster (9.9hp) for a one hour long boat ride to the bar the most furthest away bor beer and shots and then headed back. Actually we might have spent a good hour or two there. The easiest thing to do would have been to go to the restaurant we work at and drink there, the second easiest way would have been another place only about 5mins away. But it's always fun with a little adventure and we had fun so who cares.
So most of the time I've been at work or hanging out with the people from work but I've been doing some summer stuff aswell. Only some days ago me and Jesper went sailing with my buddy's 420. Again, google it cos it's a really cool boat but I can't link a picture since it will take me a year to get the pictures to load. I've been taking some awesome pictures with my phone. For example this one night when I headed home after having some beers after work there was this absolutely amazing moment out at sea. No sounds of anything, the water all around me was completely still as a mirror, and it was full moon which made everything look like a dream. I killed the engine and just sat there for a while, totally amazing moment.
Tonight I'm thinking about going fishing since the weather seems ok for it, I've gone fishing a cupple of times and gotten some pike and some bass (I think it's called in english, not sure). Would be nice to get a bigger catch.
Now I got some days off and totally scouting the jobmarket for when I get back home, I got one interview already so that's nice since I only got a week or two weeks tops left at the place I work at now.
I guess I'd better start cooking dinner and head out fishing before it's too dark.
Take care!

Friday, August 5, 2011


On my way to the summerhouse and since the busride I quite booring I desided to write something.
I got my 2 seats and set up my "office", got my phone for pictures, my laptop with mobile network, my shades, chilinuts, baby carrots and raspberry flavoured mineral water, you could say I got everything.

This is actually the second time I'm going there this summer cos I spent last weekend there aswell. But there isn't really that much to tell about the past weeks, just work, climbing and the gym.
Last weekend I caught up with some "summerfriends" (people you only meet at the summer house) and with the family. I took some nice nature pictures with my phone that I will uppload when I get a faster connection somewhere. Spending time at the summer house is all about sauna, swimming, chilling and spending time in the nature fishing and picking berries and mushrooms etc etc. I got a 500g pike which was my first catch of the year, hooray!
Will be nice to go there for a longer time now, and my sister is there with her boyfriend so it's nice to get to spend some time with them aswell.

My first summerjob ended today so now I have to figure out what to do next. For the moment it looks like I might work at a restaurant out in the archipelago for the most part of this month but I'll know for certain tomorrow when I go talk to the people working there.

I've felt distracted the last few day for some reason and now I totally lost my focus in writing it seems.
I guess I'll write some more when I can manage to keep my taughts together.