Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Back in Helsinki for a few day to spend christmas with my family and then back up north again! I got the first small clip coming up before new years. Got a ton to do while I'm back home so I'm just gonna wish you all a Merry Christmas!!!! My gft to you all is the awesome guy!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Back at the winter wonderland!

It's been far too long so I'm not even going to try remembering what I've been up to since the last post. OK, maybe a few words, cave, BF, work abroad, school stuff etc etc. So now you know everything. At the moment I'm back at Levi, I actually arrived on 29th of november but haven't really had time to do that much. On the day of my arrival Kaarle picked me up at the airport and we went shredding for a while, it was kinda cold and icy and we mainly just ended up hitting natural features since the park was under construction. We gave up at some point and desided to go to Kaarle's place to set up the rail on the backyard, A huge part of the time we spent just shaping and building. The result is awesome ofc, there is even the small qp for hitting the "rail" twice on one run. We mostly tried it out and made some changes to make it as awesome as it is, this ment no filming or anything like that. This was the only day so far that I got to go snowboarding. Most of the time I've been spending on skis trying to become a better skier and a great instructor. Only got 2 more days left before I start working. We've been doing far too much fun stuff to mention everything, but let's say the last 7 days have been TONS of fun. The park is finished which means monday will be the day for some mad shredding, just need to make the most awesome playlist on my phone and charge the GoPro. Until then...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

We're getting closer

I'm beginning to get quite hyped for the incoming season, more than usual actually. Leaving for Levi once again in december for the ski-instructor course but I don't really know yet if I'll get to work there. I actually started my season some weeks ago at Skipoli's season opening party where they had lots of drinks and food. And outside they had 2 rails and later on we removed the raild and built a jump. I gotta say that I haven't been at a party that fun in a long time. Which might explain why I for some realy left everything at the location, and to make the experience even better, I got everything back. At first it felt scary as hell to hit the rails and the jump but I guess it's like riding a bicykle, you never really forget. I took some minor falls, but the pain the next day felt like everyone at the party had kicked me ten times. Still totally worth it. Park Sessions 2012: Heavenly Resort

Hyped! FREE snowboard video by Nitro Snowboards from Nitro Snowboards on Vimeo.

#FORUM Full-Length from Forum Snowboards on Vimeo.

This is not the best clip ever but I think it's cool since it's filmed 16.10 in Åre, Sweden 4 days later...

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Guess what I did last night! That's right, NOTHIIIIIIING! :) Still got a minor fever..... damn! Stumbled across this, I think it's a really fun clip

Friday, August 31, 2012

Fever, get it NOW!

So my weekend was spent on my friends cabin. To be totally honest the plan was to get totally hammered two days straight. Friday was nice, we had our BBQ, sauna and drank alot of beer. The usual stuff. Saturday I woke up and felt fine, but on our way into town I got this crazy heartburn that lasted the whole day. This made it totally impossible to drink anything other than water. I don't have a problem with staying sober but I have to admit that when you planned on not staying sober and noone else is, it's annoying. This is a cool picture from our BBQ/bonfire.
On our way back to Helsinki on sunday I still didnöt feel very well. Monday I felt ok so I taught it was a good idea to go bouldering, it turned our it wasn't. I was totally drained of all power in 15-20mins and felt like I was going to pass out so I desided to just chill and watch the others do their thing. When I got home I felt like crap and got a fever. Tuesday, same thing. Desided to get myself checked at the health-care centre. Wednesday, went to the hospital to give some bloodsamples. Thursday, did absolutely nothing. Today, got the results, they found nothing. The result for borreliosis will be ready next week. So it looks like I just have to take it easy and rest up, I guess. Oh and the work I applied for was at the Cave where I climb, but I didn't get it, so that kinda sucks. This means it's time to sit behind the wheel of the cab next week.
Now that's some good icecream!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Say hello to my little friend!

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything, I’ve missed it alot but I haven’t really gotten it done for some reason. After the seson ended nothing really happened, I didn’t work that much and was mainly going bouldering since it was possible to do outdoors. In the middle of June I got a job near our summerhouse, at a restaurant as a chef. As a lot of you may know. you don’t get to do that much of anything while season working at a restaurant since you work 11 to 11 most of the time. You get one day off every now and then if you’re lucky. I’m definatly not complaining since I had a creditcard to pay off, not to mention the pile of bills and being behind on the rent. It feels good to have all that cleared up, and I still got a little something for living. About the winter footage, my friend offered to edit everything worth showing. If this gets done it would be awesome since I’ve been promising something for ages now. Even if I don’t really have that many readers I feel bad about this, it’s not a good feeling you get when you don’t get shit done. I didn’t get into the school I tried out for which sucks, so I guess it’s all about figuring out my life for the next year or so. Which is cool I guess. I got a job interview this upcoming week, so I might know a lot more about my future in a week or so. I’m not going to reveal what job I applied for until I know if I got it or not. At the moment I’m sitting in the car on my way home from the summerhouse and I gotta be honest, I’m abit scared, this flocking car sounds like the wheels will come off att any second. The idea was to spend 9 days at the summerhouse trying to finish the boulder projects I set up this summer. Due to the interview I have to come back the same weekend. I’ve been abit feverish lately which is bad if you wanna go bouldering so I guess it doesn’t really matter. I should have time to finish the projects later. I’ve gotten some feedback on this blog about the posts being too long so I’ll try to make this short(er) and write some more another day. *spotted the “63KM HELSINKI” sign* Seriously people, you need to start socializing in other ways than trough facebook. I think it’s totally retarded that whatever is happening the invites come trough facebook. Not to mention planning an event on facebook which almost every time ends in failure. I got a lot of bad memories from facebook since I’m sarcastic quite often and people don’t get it, since everything you read on your computerscreen is true/fact. Especially on facebook people link a lot of “News” that are from retarded fanpages of some sort. My point is, people should use facebook less because it makes them stupid and socially handicapped. Pick up the phone every now and then and call someone you haven’t seen in a long time, instead of pressing ‘Like’ on their Facebook status. I got some friends who call me now and then just to say hello and it’s awesome. Last thing I have to add: Facebook isn’t all bad, for example if it wasn’t for facebook I prolly wouldn’t have a single reader.

Monday, April 23, 2012


I should have known it was a sign. When I went to sleep last night there was a sound keeping me awake, turns out that somewhere behind our house, outside my window water is dripping down from the roof on something that makes alot of noise. At first I taught it was a drunk neighbor knocking on a window or something, that's how loud it was. This morning turned out ok and even if the park was abit slushy I got some nice jumps dialled, until i didn't and hurt my arm abit. I took a break before continuing but after that everything just went wrong and now my arm is all messed up again, I feel like someone is trying to tell me that this season is over. I'm so annoyed right now.


Wow they totally changed the outlook of the whole site, took me like 10 mins how to even find the 'new post' button. I actually filmed what I'm about to write about but I can't seem to get my GoPro to record sound properly so just deleted the clip. First off to explain why I haven't blogged. Over a month ago I threw myself to the side just after stomping a jump, trying not to hit some moron having a picnic on the landing. In some freaky way I managed to tare a muscle in my left arm, I asure you that it hurt like crazy. I had some painkillers and used an icepack the rest of the day and it got well in a few days. Some days later I was riding the pipe before work, my arm felt abit weak so I desided to take it easy and not push it too hard. I have no idea of how this happened but I managed to "leave" my legs on the shelf of the backside wall, and ended up falling head first into the pipe. While falling I figured that it's better to use my arms instead of landing on my face, one second later I felt this excruciating pain in my left arm. I could instantly feel that it wasn't a fracture, this was different, in a very bad way. I went to see a doctor who told told me that the muscle in my left arm is torn (if that's the right word to use) and subscribed some muscle relaxers and painkillers. I must say theese pills really take all the pain away, I was totally amazed. However because of this injury I have mostly been riding outside the park since I noticed that whenever I take even a minor fall and use my left arm it hurts like a mofo. This all will change tomorrow. Today was my last day working in Levi this season, the season was abit short for me and I haven't gotten to ride as much as I would have wanted to but it was better than nothing. We were supposed to go ride some pow in Norway the next 3 days but due to some complications the trip got cancelled, so I guess we just have to ride like crazy people the following days. I got my boards waxed, I haven't had a single drop of alcohol in 10 days and I feel great about not having to work here anymore, so tomorrow should be a good day. We will definatly film during the following days, prolly something funny since the weather will most likely suck. Kaarle's edit is still half way since I've been kinda flu'ish and haven't really had the motivation to get it done, but I will, no worries. I've gotten sidetracked about 10 times doing something else while writing this and it's really getting late, gotta wake up early tomorrow to get as many shredding hours as possible.
Dat Office/me room

Monday, April 2, 2012

Really lazy editing!

OK so I got the editing done yesterday and the clip uploaded today. Since my computer isn't the best one for editing I desided not to cut too much or add effects or anything. I'm trying to get the filming more organized which would make editing more efficient.
I'm loosing it more and more at work, 20 more days and it's done. I really seem to be in the wrong line of work, then again I don't see how some people can like it. Then again you could be picking up roadkills from the side of the road for a living.
Tomorrow it's time to see the doc again about my back/neck since it doesn't feel too good from the last big crash(es).
Yesterday we went to see Paleface performing at Hullu Poro Arena (The Crazy Reindeer Arena). Good sounds, alot of friends enjoying the music and dancing like crazy people. The fun thing is that my legs feel like I attended a 2 hour long bodypump session last night, I gotta admit, there was some crazy moves thrown around. It's not completely safe to find yourself on the dancefloor with Ulla, that usually means you wont be leaving until the music stops.
I've become totally hooked on Skrillex, taught I was going to show you this video. Alot of people have prolly seen it already but I think it's really cool.

Time for shredding material, It's abit long and there are some parts that could have been shortened so sorry about that. I will start editing Kaarle's part asap.
There isn't that much to tell about this vid, filmed by Kaarle who did an awesome job on the followcam in the end. Filmed on 18.3 if I remember correctly, I think we had like 2 warm-up runs and then just desided to try getting getting something on tape, I think we did ok. Enjoy and pleeeeeease gimme feedback on, well, anything.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cattery Batfight

Holy crap I can't believe I haven't remembered to update the blog in almost a month. But seriously, doesn't batfight sound awesome? It's definatly something I would watch.
Lately there hasn't been that much of riding since I caught the flu and after that I injured my arm while trying not a crush some kid on the landing. The flu is almost gone and my arm is almost fully recovered. However I got far too much work to have enough time to get anything done on my board.
I've met some really awesome people this season which is one of the reasons that this season haven't been all bad. I get to ride for 70minutes every morning and on my days off. Unfortunatly I got very few days off, depressing....
I checked out the Battery Catfight railcomp today since some of my friends were competing, they all did really well even tho none of them got to the finals. I must say the girls have some mad skills.
I actually have something ready for edit but I just can't seem to get it done, I allways find something better to do. I guess I just have to stay up really late some night and get it done.
It seems like I gotta wake up in 6½h so I better wrap this up. If someone's even reading this nowadays, I will seriously try to get the edit done within a week. My next days off are on friday and saturday a week from now, which feels like an eternity. At least then I will get to ride, film and edit.

"In the beginning the Universe was created.
This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move."
-Douglas Adams

Sunday, March 4, 2012


The quality is shit and I don't know why, I guess I did something wrong haha!
This was really hard to do. Talking by myself to the camera and not studder.
If someone is reading this blog feedback would be nice. The riding so far is shit and this was more of a test, I mainly wanted to try to make the first one so that I would know how to improve.
I will not be able to upload this the same day as I filmed it because the connection I got is slower than slow. 6 days of work and I will be a free man for a few day. Can't wait...

Hello world!

I didn't bother to post for a long time since all I did was the basic stuff in Helsinki. I did go riding to Talma and Serena but somehow the battery died every time I tried to film something so all I got was this small clip from Serena hahaaaa!
5 Turns
So that kinda ruined it for me when I was trying to do my first vlog entry as I said I was going to do when I was going shredding for the first time this season.
However I got a job at Levi, I do work alot and mostly around the hours the slopes are open which is sad but I get to ride for free which is nice.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Never make promises or plans!

So today is the day I planning on opening my season, but the weather is all shit and I hate riding in the rain so I guess I still have to wait some more for that to happen. Maybe I should move to Cordova, Alaska. Listen to this!
Listen to the story!

I guess it's really hard on alot of people living there but for the skiers it must be awesome, I couldn't really find that much footage from this year but this shown the amount of pow they got, I think the riding is too slow but I guess he/she could be using wider skis.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Beginning of a new year!

Yay happy new year to everyone, especially to the idiot who stole my phone at y cousin's party.
The day started off really nicely with a smaller group of people meeting up at Panu's and Anna's place for some food, snacks and drinks. From there Mirkku went home since she had some friends coming over, and Aamos and the others headed to Isamu's and Nelly's.
I desided earlier to check out the party at my cousin's house to later then catch up with the rest where ever they would be at that point.
My plans went south at the point when someone taught it would be a good idea to steal my phone and noone else at the party knew my friends.
It was a really good party that went on to the early morning, I went home around 6am and the party was still going on at that hour. Too bad my phone got stolen by someone because it kinda ruined the feeling for me.

During the new year I haven't been doing that much, mostly been working which means sleeping in late every day and maybe go climbing before the next nightshift, in other words, booring as hell. But we finally got snow last friday so I might go riding on wednesday which is my only day off this week, working nights on all the other day. I'm actually at work at the moment, desided to bring my laptop since monday night can get kinda slow.
I think I promised to make a vlog post when I get to go riding for the first time so let's see how that goes. At least it's a good reason to try out the GoPro. If we get abit more snow in helsinki I might go hit some street spots if someone else is up for it.
I think I will know if I get work in lapland around next week which is really exciting because I think it's been snowing alot up there so you could actually get to ride some pow, not like in swizerland where it snowed like 1m in 2 days, that's just unreal.

Wow! I just had the weirdest customer, this big lady who said alot of weird shit all the time, and then added some seconds later "Just kidding..". She asked me once a minute if I know where I'm going which was kinda funny since she didn't know the name of the restaurant. Luckily I got her to the right place since she was beginning to freak me out abit.