Friday, December 7, 2012

Back at the winter wonderland!

It's been far too long so I'm not even going to try remembering what I've been up to since the last post. OK, maybe a few words, cave, BF, work abroad, school stuff etc etc. So now you know everything. At the moment I'm back at Levi, I actually arrived on 29th of november but haven't really had time to do that much. On the day of my arrival Kaarle picked me up at the airport and we went shredding for a while, it was kinda cold and icy and we mainly just ended up hitting natural features since the park was under construction. We gave up at some point and desided to go to Kaarle's place to set up the rail on the backyard, A huge part of the time we spent just shaping and building. The result is awesome ofc, there is even the small qp for hitting the "rail" twice on one run. We mostly tried it out and made some changes to make it as awesome as it is, this ment no filming or anything like that. This was the only day so far that I got to go snowboarding. Most of the time I've been spending on skis trying to become a better skier and a great instructor. Only got 2 more days left before I start working. We've been doing far too much fun stuff to mention everything, but let's say the last 7 days have been TONS of fun. The park is finished which means monday will be the day for some mad shredding, just need to make the most awesome playlist on my phone and charge the GoPro. Until then...

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