Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fail week!

Yesterday after work I went to check out the park since the rails are all set up. I haven't been railing that much so took it kinda easy, mostly throwing 50-50's and BS Boards. There is one new rail that I'm not familiar with, I think it's called a DonkeyKick or DonkeyDick. Anyways, a fat downrail with a really short flat part at the end. I got no idea of what happened but after a few easy 55-50 180 out's I found myself flipping something like half an underflip onto my head/shoulder and got the wind knocked out of me big time.
My shoulder is fine but my ribcage didn't like it too much, a few of my ribs hurt at both ends where they end. I guess they're fractured abit, feels like the last time.
Today I noticed that my helmet didn't survive the crash, it had cracked all the way trough. Gotta use the old one until I get a new one.
On top of that one of the guys I'm living with came down with something that forces you to use the toilet ALOT for 2 different reasons. Therefore I have been spending as much time as possible away from home. So not that much editing done so far... :/
My ribs hurt too much to jump even small jumps and Sunday will be the only day I will have time to snowboard anyways.
Kaarle came shredding today and I desided to coach him. He landed his first fs540 on the first try after I gave him some advice, totally stoked for him.
Now I gotta quit because the movie is about to start soon, going to see the new Hobbit movie :)

Monday, December 16, 2013

Hitting the park!

So the frontslope park is ready, and I must say they did an awesome job as usual. 3hit run with small jumps on the left and bigger ones on the right. At the top you got one "cannon-tube" and a rainbow bow.
We filmed a few runs with Kaarle the other day and as soon as I got my new software (trial) set up I'm gonna edit something. We got some really weird looking versions of simple tricks, and ofc lots of no-grab spins. Most def sexy stuff.
Tried to film selfie runs the next day but I'ts damn hard, gonna try again tomorrow.

If you listen to Spotify when riding the park and like electronic music, try Nero. Not a new artist or anything but I find it gets me really hyped when riding park, lot's of energy, good stuff!

I should be able to get the edit done tonight or tomorrow. Depends on how well I manage the new software.

I've been working my 2 jobs like an animal but hopefully it will help me save enough money for some pow trips to Sweden and Norway.
The following month will be really intense when it comes to work due to the christmas season. This means I don't really feel like partying that much, or at all since I haven't had a drop of alcohol in 1 month and 1 day, hoooooray! Seriously, you save alot of money by not drinking at all.

All my christmas shopping is done and I'm left broke for the next 2 weeks, still awesome when you get to make people happy on christmas. I'm heading south for christmas for an amazing 3 day vacation haha.

I guess noone missed the Air&Style news, just seems to be the beginning for Sven Thorgren who seems to start of his season really strong.

He has been trying to get into the slopestyle scene a few times and it doesn't really seem to be going well this time either, then again the man is a machine so I guess we'll see who is doing and what at the olympics.
If you look at the picture it looks like he would have tiny legs, don't get me wrong, that guy is prolly fit as fuug. But still.... prolly the pants...

Time to start figuring out the editing software since the download is ready. I'll be back!

KAZU joining Adidas, that's a guy with style beyond anything. One of my favourite riders.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Snowboarding until we get to snowboard some more!

It's been a slow start this season. Mainly because there isn't really enough snow to go offpiste that much and the park will get finished at the end of the incoming week.
As I wrote before, I sold my Ride MAchete and my Lib-Tech T.Rice board which left me with nothing for the groomers. So I've been riding the rental boards for the past weeks and I can't seem to find a board in the Nitro selection that I like. The Team 1.0 or whatever it's called was ok, basic camber which is nice on groomers.

I was working on the slalom world cup when they had the first race at Levi which was a cool experience. There's a hellalot of work that goes in to the competition that takes less than 6 hours across 2 days, completely insane. And you would think you'd get to follow the comp closer that anyone which is true, but between the stuff you have to do you actually just see the competitors pass by really fast and you have no idea of who's leading or anything. Still had a fun week.

Work start tomorrow, it's weird cos I feel abit nervous even tho I'm well prepared and I know how everything works. I'll be working long hours almost all week so I guess I'll be back to the old routine in a few days. Or not, lately there has been no routine what so ever.

The "park" in Kaarle's backyard is more epic than ever. This fall we built this platform from where we get speed for the rails. I't about 2m high, 2x2m wide, kinda overkill. And awesome.
We got the rails set up, the jumps and the takeoff shaped and "watered". Now we just gotta see when we both got time to film, and more than anything, try to get some skills!

Last thursday I got my new board, bindings and boots. I wanna ride the setup a few days before I reveal what I'll be riding this season. I'll prolly write a small review since it's kinda fun, and it might be helpful for some people considering the same gear.

Talking about new gear. I also sold the GoPro HD Hero2 and bought the HERO3+ Black Edition.
Here are some pictures taken in different conditions with the new GoPro.

I Have been filming some short clips on the groomersand will edit something small this week.

This picture is taken by Kaarle, I think it's an awesome picture and at the same time you get a sneak peak of the Vide-Oh! park at it's early stage.

Today the world lost Paul Walker from the Fast&Furious movies. In a car crash when he wasn't even driving himself.  Damn shame. I liked him as an actor and the movies will never be as good if they continue the Fast&Furious series with someone else in the lead role. R.I.P. Paul.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Winter is coming!

We went on a "training trip" to Vuokatti with Kaarle to ride the indoor pipe and foampit jump. Kaarle got around 5 jumps in at the foampit before crashing hard enough to injure his shoulder. This was during the first day so it kinda ruined the trip for him. This is the reason why there is a lack of footage of Kaarle. I got alot of jumps in on two day but desided not to show the good ones since it looks better on snow, a foampit is still a foampit. At the end of the second day it was time for me to crash and flock up my wrist. On the third day we went riding in the pipe but since we were both injured it looks really stupid. At least we got to ride on snow!

Vide-oh! Season 2 "teaser" from Vide-Oh! on Vimeo.

A week later there was the same season opening event as I went to last year, SKIPOLI season opening. They spent half the day transporting snow to the location and during the day/evening there was 3 different setups. First there was just one box, then it got changed to a rail tube thingy followed by a barrel bonk, and last a "big jump". I had my camera with me and told people to film as much as possible of everything since I was riding most of the time. The whole evening was awesome, Junkyard contributed with a stack of prices for riders who stomped nice tricks or just tried really hard. I think it was a nice surprise since noone seemed to expect getting anything at all. On the way home I forgot my backpack containing the camera in the cab which sucks because I got nothing to publish from the whole event. Only thing I have seen so far is this site with pictures from the event, check it out, some of the pictures are really nice. SKIPOLI Session

I just got myself a car which will make riding in other places than Levi alot easier this winter.

I'm selling most of my equipment to buy new gear for the season and it looks like it's going well so far. Still got alot of gear if your looking to buy, haha!

For the first time in 18 months I got insurance, cost alot but someone told me it's a good idea to get insurance. Then again life might get even more expensive if you don't have it.

At the moment it looks like I'm moving to Levi at the end of the month so I'm hoping to get my camera back before that. This season will definatly be epic, just wait until you see what we built in Kaarles back yard.

I haven't checked it out yet but this is prolly one of the best movies of all time on the basis of pictures I've seen. Jake Blauvelt Naturally

If you need new winter clothes check out the Colour Wear sale.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Shaky filming!

Here is the new clip due to the conditions the filming is kinda shaky. Filmed on the 1st and 2nd of May. We only used Kaarles new camera which we at that point didn't know alot about, so that's the reason for the lighting being kinda random and the image abit blurry in some shots. The weather was rerally random, everything from sunshine to pouring rain. But the most annoying thing was the sticky snow killing your speed completely, and small slush "sinkholes" that took you by surprise every time.

Vide-Oh! ep.6: Whappuh from Vide-Oh! on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Upload done!

The connection at the restaurant is awesome, just uploaded the movie in less than 4 minutes (450MB). No it's up to Vimeo to convert it. 24:47mins left. Just felt like I had to post this one first.


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Brutal Death by fire!

This summer I'm working for the national park, it wouldn't be interesting to write about that but today something weird happened. We were burning theese stacks of hay, leaves and branches. While watching the fire I saw a frog approaching the fire and then just jumping straight into the embers to an instant death. Now tell me if THAT isn't interesting!

Been working alot and it's all physical labor so you get really tired from work almost every day, on the positive side I get to be outdoors all day.
Been climbing abit less since I'm usually too tired after work. And lately my leg (knee and hip) got injured while wakeboarding. I really don't know what happened but for 5 days it was really hard to move my left leg. Wakeboarding was awesome since I miss snowboarding like crazy and it kinda feels like riding pow. I might get some pictures off myself wakeboarding at some point to share in a week or so.

This picture is from the morning I was on my way to take part in a sailboat race. We did get some wind eventually but at some point it got really booring when the wind just died.

I have been fishing alot more than the summers before, and I think that's enough about that because haven't gotten anything really big like a shark. But Tumppi sent me a cool picture from when we went fishing.

So winter is getting closer haha! I noticed that Vuokatti is building an indoor training facility with dryslope jumps and foampits, too bad thay will open in december.
I actually edited a new clip but since my connection is reaaaally weak I'll upload it later this week when I got time to take my laptop to the closest place with a fast connection.

But still this week!!!!

Check out JunkYard Super Summer Sale , last year I bought some shoes and sunglasses really cheap.

While waiting for the next edit, check this awesome "commercial" out. Will get you hyped for almost anything!


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ride Machete Review

 First of all here are the specs straight from the Ride website.
FLEX: 6/10 
DESCRIPTION: The award-winning Machete snowboard features Ride’s LowRize™ rocker shape eliminating hook without sacrificing pop. Cutting through the competition, this go anywhere freestyle twin snowboard combines our Pop Rods® 1.0 for an extra dose of pop, with smooth-riding Slimewalls® and durable Cleave Edge™ for a fun surfy twin built to last. CONSTRUCTION: Thin Con Pop Rods® 1.0 Slimewalls® LowRize™ Rocker Carbon Array 3™ Cleave Edge™ Biaxial Glass Fusion 4000 Base™ 2x4 Inserts

     Allright, first of all I think LowRize™ Rocker might confuse people since it's far from a rocker board, and feels completely different. The board is flatbased betveen the bindings and got a small rocker after the inserts.

Austin Hironaka shreds everything on this board and does it with style, and it's true, you can use this board in any terrain. First impression I got from this board was that it's reeeeally precise, if you stomp a trick in a perfect straight line it will stick to that line. Sometimes it felt like your torso wanted to continue spinning but the board stops you. Straight jumps feel like you don't have to do anything at all. Even if it's really precise the LowRize™ Rocker makes it playful at the same time. But since the flex is a 6 it's not a board that bends that easy, so when doing tail/nose presses you have to push into it abit.

I didn't detune the edges on the board and it still handles really well on rails and boxes. On rails it's where you really notice how stable this board is. On hardpacked groomers it handles well when you really carv into the turns but I felt like if you get abit sloppy the contactpoints won't hold too well. It feels safe and handles well in high speeds. The turnradius feels really wide so you have to get in to cruising mode. In ice I think it's really hard to get a good grip, but then again if you're into riding groomers only I think you should get a camber board.

I didn't get to ride any powder on the Machete so kinda hard to say how it handles, but from watching other reviews it's supposed to handle really well. On slush you gotta me careful not to force the board and try just to cruise since I feel like forcing it might make you loose control of the board.

So to sum this up I would say that this is an excellent allaround freestyle board for an advanced rider, a beginner is prolly better of with the Ride Crush for example. If you aren't into the freestyle stuff this is in my opinion not the board for you, it IS a matter of opinion but Ride has really good all mountains boards for groomers.

When coming to pros and cons I think most of the cons have something to do with stuff outside the park. And as I said, this is an excellent board for everything in the park, everything from rails to big kickers. I almost forgot to mention that this board is great in the pipe aswell, made it really effortless. If you want a super soft jib board or ride mostly outside the park I don't think this is the board for you. But if you're an advanced freesyle rider who wants a board that can handle anything in the park, this is the board for you.

The bindings I use are Ride Rodeo. As you might have noticed from the pictutres and the video I got my Machete from
Vide-Oh! ep.5: My new toy! Ride Machete from Vide-Oh! on Vimeo.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Black Bear Open

Last friday was my last working day of this season and to celebrate that me and Kaarle headed to Björkliden for the Black Bear Open competition. It's basically a slopestyle comp in the back country. Since it's this latre in the season we're not talking about pow, but heavy and wet snow. So it was kinda just about hitting all the obstacles without falling down. As the guy hosting was saying all the time: "This is the most difficult park in scandinavia" And that was the truth. The runin to the first jump went trough some bushed, and at the same time it was narrow and crazy bumpy. Some people crashed before even getting to the first jump, ending up in the bushes. Neither of us got into the finals since I feel liek we tried to push ourselves abit too hard on the first jump, hah! The landing was super bumpy and you had to start breaking as soon as you hit the ground to not loose control and crashing in to the next obstacle. Completely insane competition but at the same time really fun. All in all it was a really fun weekend, fun shredding and alot of nice people. Here are some pictures from the "park":

On the way back to Levi it started snowing ALOT, but the weather was still quite warm so I guess that it's only a good thing if you're prepared to hike up to 1000m+ or something. We stopped for some food in Kiiruna where something really random happened. In the grocery store we saw Jake Blauvelt. They bought groceries for over 500€ so I guess they are staying for a while wherever they are going. So this is the last week at Levi. We're hoping to get some filming done but the weather is and has been reaaaally bad, it's raining and +4 almost every day and it doesn't seem like it's going to get much better. But I guess we just have to film in the rain if it doesn't get any better.

LeviCamp351 starts on friday so let's hope the weather get's better by then.

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Norway trip

When we arrived to Tamokdalen the road was closed as expected, you can get some nice runs from the parking lot but we desided to take a nap and wait. After almost 2 hours went to the nearest gas station for some morning coffee.
By the time we got back to the gate they were just about to open the gate and set us free into the wild.
Since there was a f-load of new snow and everyone we met told us about avalanches they had seen during the past days, we desided not to hike too far up to stay in a somewhat safe area.
This turned out to be a good idea, first hike was really nice in sunny conditions. But by the time we got to the point from where we wanted to ride down the light was completely flat. We waited a while to see if the weather would get any better, but it didn't. We filmed the first run on the gopro but the result was not too interesting because of the flat light.
Second hike it snowed while the sun was shining, after that it cleared up. By the time we got up again it got cloudy again, so we desided to build a jump. We got a couple of hits before it started snowing so hard it was getting really difficult seeing the jump. I took a picture of my board just to give you an idea of how hard it snowed, I cleared my board from all snow and took the picture a few mins later.
All in all it was a really good trip even if it was a short one and the weather wasn't too good. I don't have that much to show you but here are some pictures.

Blogspot sucks when it comes to posting pictures, impossible to just put them all side by side....

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

On our way again...

So woke up again in the middle of the night to leave for Tamokdalen for a day. Might sound crazy to go there just for a day, but we wanted to scout the area abit since we havent been there before.
The avalanche risk is quite high and the road is closed due to heavy snowfall but should be open again by the time we get there, let's hope for the best.
Still a few booring hours to go...

Monday, April 1, 2013

Vide-Oh! ep.4 PART TWO

Just got editing done today. It has kinda been a busy week with easter holidays etc. Finally the holiday is almost over, soo tired of theese jerks behaving badly all around the mountain. Today I had to take a guys skis down to the lift because he was too drunk the get them on, too drunk to stand up actually. By the time he got down he had forgotten about the skis and just headed to the next bar. Spring is definatly coming, the weather is alot warmer and sunnier, and as usual during spring time on Levi, windy! Tomorrow night we'll be leaving for Tamok, Norway. Hoping for some awesome pow. First time there so alot of scouting around but we'll try to get something filmed. So here it is, PART TWO!!!!

Vide-Oh! ep.4: Shredding the west PART TWO from Vide-Oh! on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Vide-Oh! ep.4

We finally got the well disserved break from work and went for a miniholiday to sweden to look for some sweet pow. Before the trip I was working too much to actually have that much time to ride outside work for more than an hour every now and then. It's still nice to work outside when the weather looks like this. Then there was to really random but huge event "Air Traffic Controllers' Ski Cup" where they competed in crosscountry skiing, alpine skiing and snowboarding. It seemed like almost everyone competing was drunk or hungover. At the finnish line everyone just partied half naked because they had theese portable saunas and jacuzzis. While I was keeping a snowboarding lesson, a french guy ran past us completely naked wearing the frensh flag as a cape. Random? Here are some pics from Sweden: From first to last pic: 1-Kaarle riding some pure white gold. 2-Coffee break at the hotel up on 1228m. 3-Getting ready to drop in. 4-My shadow from taking a picture of my line. 5-"Threw myself down" 6-From the hotel, waiting for the breakfast to get served.

Vide-Oh! ep.4: Shredding the west from Vide-Oh! on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Vide-Oh! ep.3

Yay the new episode is done. Took forever to choose a song. On top of that I got to start out kinda late today since I was working the whole day. After work my friend taught me telemark skiing, after that I promised my roomies pancakes etc. so got in to editing quite late. I know some of the clips could be shorter but as I've said before, I'm no pro. Anyhow, the whole idea is to give you something alittlebit better every time so I hope you like this edit. Feedback is more than welcome, if you got any ideas of good camera angles etc. Or just feedback in general. In less than a week we're leaving for Björkliden in Sweden. The whole idea would be to film some bc runs and build a booter. We're bringing a sled so we should be able to get alot of runs, just need the weather to be on our side.... Totally hyped about the trip! Just realized that I got about one month of work left, after that it's prolly all shredding for a while. Insane how time passes.

Vide-Oh! ep.3 from Vide-Oh! on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Coming up!

Edit coming up, just music and subtitles missing. Should be up tomorrow evening!!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Edit update!

So now I have been trying everything to get my laptop to agree with me but it looks like the format of the mats from my other camera is too much for my computer to handle. I should get the solution to this problem next mon/tue, yay! Still fighting the flue but getting better, might not even take any meds tomorrow. Bumped into this vid and can't really deside if this is cool or just retarded :D Is this something you actually can learn how to do and actually stomp it most of the time or is this more about luck? And as many of you might know they come up with crazy ideas about how to build unique snowboards at SignalSnowboards, this time they made a rideable snowboard made out of glass, check it out. That's all for today, here is something I made today.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Time to rest!

Wazzup! I'm actually uploading my newest clip as I'm writing this post. Because my computer doesn't want to fully agree with me it took me like 10 hours to edit, on top of that I couldn't add any effects such as slowmotions because that would end up with the computer crashing. But still. Last weekend we took a different approach on filming, we left the GoPro in the bag, used my normal vid cam and planned ahead what we wanted to film and where. However I'll edit those clips tomorrow, today I edited stuff we filmed earlier this month. We got what we wanted and the results were good, even tho I took a pretty nasty fall on my ass. I don't even think it's possible but it felt like a broke my right butt-cheek. But for once we got it on film and I will put it in the edit tomorrow. At the end of the day I took this cool picture of the sunset and Kaarle taking pictures of the sunset (not edited in any way). On saturday I actually felt abit weak already but yesterday I still desided to go to work, it was a slow day but still got the most of my strength. Today it felt hopeless getting out of bed, I was pretty much out of breath from sleeping. Went to the doctor and got subscribed 3 differend meds and 3 sick days. This is one reason why I have had time to edit. I did take a break mid day cos I found it hard to stay awake. I got my new bindings, Ride Rodeo, and they are just awesome. The date is set for our Björkliden trip so it really looks like this is happening, totally hyped about that. Let's just hope for awesome weather. So if my computer is feeling friendly tomorrow there will be another edit coming up tomorrow. Until then... Good Night!! zzzZzZzzzzzZz

Vide-Oh! ep.2 from Vide-Oh! on Vimeo.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Frikn frak!

Tried editing today, but my laptop won't let me. So it might be that I get the next edit done when I get a chance to do it on a different computer. First week of the most intens part of the season is over and it actually wasn't too bad, worked long hours every day but still time passed real fast. Only unfortunate thing that happened during the week was that one of my students broke his arm by falling on it. I took a dishwashing job on top of my job at the skischool to get some extra $$$ to be able to make some small trips. At the end of week 11 we might make a trip to Björkliden in sweden for some pow riding and BC jumping which will be awesome. Ok so back to trying to figure out how to get my computer to agree with editing. This is soo annoying since I got enough mats and the buildup done but can't edit. Today it's been quite warm (+1C/33,8F), so perfect for park riding. Tomorrow the weather should be the same so we might get to kill it in the park with Kaarle tomorrow.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Getting colder! Skiing holidays are closing in...

It's almost a month since my last post. Time is just passing by so damn fast it's ridiculous. This week has been the first week of a healthier diet and lifestyle and I feel really good about it already. I've met awesome people at work and gotten some really nice feedback. All in all a good week. So what's new. The weather has been quite nice until this week/the past few day, the sky has been clear which is nice and the days are getting longer. It's awesome when the sun is out but it also usually means that it's pretty darn cold. For example today at work it was -29C/-20.2F which kinda takes the fun out of working outdoors.
This is a cool picture of some weird phenomenon, took this pic today and it's not edited in any way. It was warmer at the top of the front slope so I guess that is one of the reasons you can see the sunrays.
Last weekend I went to Helsinki to move all of my stuff out of my appartment which kinda sucked, on the upside I got no rent to pay. So I guess I'm more or less homeless at this point. The most annoying thing about going to Helsinki was that it started snowing the night before I left, and snowed for almost a whole week. For once the temp stayed above and around -10C/14F which ment the snow stayed light and soft. When I got back the best pow days were over but still got some sweet runs during the week.
The weekend before I went to Helsinki me and 9 others from the ski-school went to Aakenus near Ylläs to look for some powder, we ended up hiking alot and getting two poor runs, or actually poor doesn't really begin to explain the first one. But the food was good and the surroundings beautiful.
I was about to start editing at one point but Kaarle felt like it's better to film abit more, so that we have. My computer sucks big time but I managed to capture some frames from the new footy, suddenly everything froze so I desided to just leave it for now. So until I get the new edit done, here is a little something.
Kaarle totally killed ito n the rails but I'm going to leave that as a surprise.