Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fail week!

Yesterday after work I went to check out the park since the rails are all set up. I haven't been railing that much so took it kinda easy, mostly throwing 50-50's and BS Boards. There is one new rail that I'm not familiar with, I think it's called a DonkeyKick or DonkeyDick. Anyways, a fat downrail with a really short flat part at the end. I got no idea of what happened but after a few easy 55-50 180 out's I found myself flipping something like half an underflip onto my head/shoulder and got the wind knocked out of me big time.
My shoulder is fine but my ribcage didn't like it too much, a few of my ribs hurt at both ends where they end. I guess they're fractured abit, feels like the last time.
Today I noticed that my helmet didn't survive the crash, it had cracked all the way trough. Gotta use the old one until I get a new one.
On top of that one of the guys I'm living with came down with something that forces you to use the toilet ALOT for 2 different reasons. Therefore I have been spending as much time as possible away from home. So not that much editing done so far... :/
My ribs hurt too much to jump even small jumps and Sunday will be the only day I will have time to snowboard anyways.
Kaarle came shredding today and I desided to coach him. He landed his first fs540 on the first try after I gave him some advice, totally stoked for him.
Now I gotta quit because the movie is about to start soon, going to see the new Hobbit movie :)

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