Monday, December 16, 2013

Hitting the park!

So the frontslope park is ready, and I must say they did an awesome job as usual. 3hit run with small jumps on the left and bigger ones on the right. At the top you got one "cannon-tube" and a rainbow bow.
We filmed a few runs with Kaarle the other day and as soon as I got my new software (trial) set up I'm gonna edit something. We got some really weird looking versions of simple tricks, and ofc lots of no-grab spins. Most def sexy stuff.
Tried to film selfie runs the next day but I'ts damn hard, gonna try again tomorrow.

If you listen to Spotify when riding the park and like electronic music, try Nero. Not a new artist or anything but I find it gets me really hyped when riding park, lot's of energy, good stuff!

I should be able to get the edit done tonight or tomorrow. Depends on how well I manage the new software.

I've been working my 2 jobs like an animal but hopefully it will help me save enough money for some pow trips to Sweden and Norway.
The following month will be really intense when it comes to work due to the christmas season. This means I don't really feel like partying that much, or at all since I haven't had a drop of alcohol in 1 month and 1 day, hoooooray! Seriously, you save alot of money by not drinking at all.

All my christmas shopping is done and I'm left broke for the next 2 weeks, still awesome when you get to make people happy on christmas. I'm heading south for christmas for an amazing 3 day vacation haha.

I guess noone missed the Air&Style news, just seems to be the beginning for Sven Thorgren who seems to start of his season really strong.

He has been trying to get into the slopestyle scene a few times and it doesn't really seem to be going well this time either, then again the man is a machine so I guess we'll see who is doing and what at the olympics.
If you look at the picture it looks like he would have tiny legs, don't get me wrong, that guy is prolly fit as fuug. But still.... prolly the pants...

Time to start figuring out the editing software since the download is ready. I'll be back!

KAZU joining Adidas, that's a guy with style beyond anything. One of my favourite riders.

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