Monday, April 29, 2013

Black Bear Open

Last friday was my last working day of this season and to celebrate that me and Kaarle headed to Björkliden for the Black Bear Open competition. It's basically a slopestyle comp in the back country. Since it's this latre in the season we're not talking about pow, but heavy and wet snow. So it was kinda just about hitting all the obstacles without falling down. As the guy hosting was saying all the time: "This is the most difficult park in scandinavia" And that was the truth. The runin to the first jump went trough some bushed, and at the same time it was narrow and crazy bumpy. Some people crashed before even getting to the first jump, ending up in the bushes. Neither of us got into the finals since I feel liek we tried to push ourselves abit too hard on the first jump, hah! The landing was super bumpy and you had to start breaking as soon as you hit the ground to not loose control and crashing in to the next obstacle. Completely insane competition but at the same time really fun. All in all it was a really fun weekend, fun shredding and alot of nice people. Here are some pictures from the "park":

On the way back to Levi it started snowing ALOT, but the weather was still quite warm so I guess that it's only a good thing if you're prepared to hike up to 1000m+ or something. We stopped for some food in Kiiruna where something really random happened. In the grocery store we saw Jake Blauvelt. They bought groceries for over 500€ so I guess they are staying for a while wherever they are going. So this is the last week at Levi. We're hoping to get some filming done but the weather is and has been reaaaally bad, it's raining and +4 almost every day and it doesn't seem like it's going to get much better. But I guess we just have to film in the rain if it doesn't get any better.

LeviCamp351 starts on friday so let's hope the weather get's better by then.

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