Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Brutal Death by fire!

This summer I'm working for the national park, it wouldn't be interesting to write about that but today something weird happened. We were burning theese stacks of hay, leaves and branches. While watching the fire I saw a frog approaching the fire and then just jumping straight into the embers to an instant death. Now tell me if THAT isn't interesting!

Been working alot and it's all physical labor so you get really tired from work almost every day, on the positive side I get to be outdoors all day.
Been climbing abit less since I'm usually too tired after work. And lately my leg (knee and hip) got injured while wakeboarding. I really don't know what happened but for 5 days it was really hard to move my left leg. Wakeboarding was awesome since I miss snowboarding like crazy and it kinda feels like riding pow. I might get some pictures off myself wakeboarding at some point to share in a week or so.

This picture is from the morning I was on my way to take part in a sailboat race. We did get some wind eventually but at some point it got really booring when the wind just died.

I have been fishing alot more than the summers before, and I think that's enough about that because haven't gotten anything really big like a shark. But Tumppi sent me a cool picture from when we went fishing.

So winter is getting closer haha! I noticed that Vuokatti is building an indoor training facility with dryslope jumps and foampits, too bad thay will open in december.
I actually edited a new clip but since my connection is reaaaally weak I'll upload it later this week when I got time to take my laptop to the closest place with a fast connection.

But still this week!!!!

Check out JunkYard Super Summer Sale , last year I bought some shoes and sunglasses really cheap.

While waiting for the next edit, check this awesome "commercial" out. Will get you hyped for almost anything!


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