Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Winter is coming!

We went on a "training trip" to Vuokatti with Kaarle to ride the indoor pipe and foampit jump. Kaarle got around 5 jumps in at the foampit before crashing hard enough to injure his shoulder. This was during the first day so it kinda ruined the trip for him. This is the reason why there is a lack of footage of Kaarle. I got alot of jumps in on two day but desided not to show the good ones since it looks better on snow, a foampit is still a foampit. At the end of the second day it was time for me to crash and flock up my wrist. On the third day we went riding in the pipe but since we were both injured it looks really stupid. At least we got to ride on snow!

Vide-oh! Season 2 "teaser" from Vide-Oh! on Vimeo.

A week later there was the same season opening event as I went to last year, SKIPOLI season opening. They spent half the day transporting snow to the location and during the day/evening there was 3 different setups. First there was just one box, then it got changed to a rail tube thingy followed by a barrel bonk, and last a "big jump". I had my camera with me and told people to film as much as possible of everything since I was riding most of the time. The whole evening was awesome, Junkyard contributed with a stack of prices for riders who stomped nice tricks or just tried really hard. I think it was a nice surprise since noone seemed to expect getting anything at all. On the way home I forgot my backpack containing the camera in the cab which sucks because I got nothing to publish from the whole event. Only thing I have seen so far is this site with pictures from the event, check it out, some of the pictures are really nice. SKIPOLI Session

I just got myself a car which will make riding in other places than Levi alot easier this winter.

I'm selling most of my equipment to buy new gear for the season and it looks like it's going well so far. Still got alot of gear if your looking to buy, haha!

For the first time in 18 months I got insurance, cost alot but someone told me it's a good idea to get insurance. Then again life might get even more expensive if you don't have it.

At the moment it looks like I'm moving to Levi at the end of the month so I'm hoping to get my camera back before that. This season will definatly be epic, just wait until you see what we built in Kaarles back yard.

I haven't checked it out yet but this is prolly one of the best movies of all time on the basis of pictures I've seen. Jake Blauvelt Naturally

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