Monday, August 20, 2012

Say hello to my little friend!

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything, I’ve missed it alot but I haven’t really gotten it done for some reason. After the seson ended nothing really happened, I didn’t work that much and was mainly going bouldering since it was possible to do outdoors. In the middle of June I got a job near our summerhouse, at a restaurant as a chef. As a lot of you may know. you don’t get to do that much of anything while season working at a restaurant since you work 11 to 11 most of the time. You get one day off every now and then if you’re lucky. I’m definatly not complaining since I had a creditcard to pay off, not to mention the pile of bills and being behind on the rent. It feels good to have all that cleared up, and I still got a little something for living. About the winter footage, my friend offered to edit everything worth showing. If this gets done it would be awesome since I’ve been promising something for ages now. Even if I don’t really have that many readers I feel bad about this, it’s not a good feeling you get when you don’t get shit done. I didn’t get into the school I tried out for which sucks, so I guess it’s all about figuring out my life for the next year or so. Which is cool I guess. I got a job interview this upcoming week, so I might know a lot more about my future in a week or so. I’m not going to reveal what job I applied for until I know if I got it or not. At the moment I’m sitting in the car on my way home from the summerhouse and I gotta be honest, I’m abit scared, this flocking car sounds like the wheels will come off att any second. The idea was to spend 9 days at the summerhouse trying to finish the boulder projects I set up this summer. Due to the interview I have to come back the same weekend. I’ve been abit feverish lately which is bad if you wanna go bouldering so I guess it doesn’t really matter. I should have time to finish the projects later. I’ve gotten some feedback on this blog about the posts being too long so I’ll try to make this short(er) and write some more another day. *spotted the “63KM HELSINKI” sign* Seriously people, you need to start socializing in other ways than trough facebook. I think it’s totally retarded that whatever is happening the invites come trough facebook. Not to mention planning an event on facebook which almost every time ends in failure. I got a lot of bad memories from facebook since I’m sarcastic quite often and people don’t get it, since everything you read on your computerscreen is true/fact. Especially on facebook people link a lot of “News” that are from retarded fanpages of some sort. My point is, people should use facebook less because it makes them stupid and socially handicapped. Pick up the phone every now and then and call someone you haven’t seen in a long time, instead of pressing ‘Like’ on their Facebook status. I got some friends who call me now and then just to say hello and it’s awesome. Last thing I have to add: Facebook isn’t all bad, for example if it wasn’t for facebook I prolly wouldn’t have a single reader.

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