Friday, August 31, 2012

Fever, get it NOW!

So my weekend was spent on my friends cabin. To be totally honest the plan was to get totally hammered two days straight. Friday was nice, we had our BBQ, sauna and drank alot of beer. The usual stuff. Saturday I woke up and felt fine, but on our way into town I got this crazy heartburn that lasted the whole day. This made it totally impossible to drink anything other than water. I don't have a problem with staying sober but I have to admit that when you planned on not staying sober and noone else is, it's annoying. This is a cool picture from our BBQ/bonfire.
On our way back to Helsinki on sunday I still didnöt feel very well. Monday I felt ok so I taught it was a good idea to go bouldering, it turned our it wasn't. I was totally drained of all power in 15-20mins and felt like I was going to pass out so I desided to just chill and watch the others do their thing. When I got home I felt like crap and got a fever. Tuesday, same thing. Desided to get myself checked at the health-care centre. Wednesday, went to the hospital to give some bloodsamples. Thursday, did absolutely nothing. Today, got the results, they found nothing. The result for borreliosis will be ready next week. So it looks like I just have to take it easy and rest up, I guess. Oh and the work I applied for was at the Cave where I climb, but I didn't get it, so that kinda sucks. This means it's time to sit behind the wheel of the cab next week.
Now that's some good icecream!

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