Monday, April 2, 2012

Really lazy editing!

OK so I got the editing done yesterday and the clip uploaded today. Since my computer isn't the best one for editing I desided not to cut too much or add effects or anything. I'm trying to get the filming more organized which would make editing more efficient.
I'm loosing it more and more at work, 20 more days and it's done. I really seem to be in the wrong line of work, then again I don't see how some people can like it. Then again you could be picking up roadkills from the side of the road for a living.
Tomorrow it's time to see the doc again about my back/neck since it doesn't feel too good from the last big crash(es).
Yesterday we went to see Paleface performing at Hullu Poro Arena (The Crazy Reindeer Arena). Good sounds, alot of friends enjoying the music and dancing like crazy people. The fun thing is that my legs feel like I attended a 2 hour long bodypump session last night, I gotta admit, there was some crazy moves thrown around. It's not completely safe to find yourself on the dancefloor with Ulla, that usually means you wont be leaving until the music stops.
I've become totally hooked on Skrillex, taught I was going to show you this video. Alot of people have prolly seen it already but I think it's really cool.

Time for shredding material, It's abit long and there are some parts that could have been shortened so sorry about that. I will start editing Kaarle's part asap.
There isn't that much to tell about this vid, filmed by Kaarle who did an awesome job on the followcam in the end. Filmed on 18.3 if I remember correctly, I think we had like 2 warm-up runs and then just desided to try getting getting something on tape, I think we did ok. Enjoy and pleeeeeease gimme feedback on, well, anything.

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