Monday, April 23, 2012


Wow they totally changed the outlook of the whole site, took me like 10 mins how to even find the 'new post' button. I actually filmed what I'm about to write about but I can't seem to get my GoPro to record sound properly so just deleted the clip. First off to explain why I haven't blogged. Over a month ago I threw myself to the side just after stomping a jump, trying not to hit some moron having a picnic on the landing. In some freaky way I managed to tare a muscle in my left arm, I asure you that it hurt like crazy. I had some painkillers and used an icepack the rest of the day and it got well in a few days. Some days later I was riding the pipe before work, my arm felt abit weak so I desided to take it easy and not push it too hard. I have no idea of how this happened but I managed to "leave" my legs on the shelf of the backside wall, and ended up falling head first into the pipe. While falling I figured that it's better to use my arms instead of landing on my face, one second later I felt this excruciating pain in my left arm. I could instantly feel that it wasn't a fracture, this was different, in a very bad way. I went to see a doctor who told told me that the muscle in my left arm is torn (if that's the right word to use) and subscribed some muscle relaxers and painkillers. I must say theese pills really take all the pain away, I was totally amazed. However because of this injury I have mostly been riding outside the park since I noticed that whenever I take even a minor fall and use my left arm it hurts like a mofo. This all will change tomorrow. Today was my last day working in Levi this season, the season was abit short for me and I haven't gotten to ride as much as I would have wanted to but it was better than nothing. We were supposed to go ride some pow in Norway the next 3 days but due to some complications the trip got cancelled, so I guess we just have to ride like crazy people the following days. I got my boards waxed, I haven't had a single drop of alcohol in 10 days and I feel great about not having to work here anymore, so tomorrow should be a good day. We will definatly film during the following days, prolly something funny since the weather will most likely suck. Kaarle's edit is still half way since I've been kinda flu'ish and haven't really had the motivation to get it done, but I will, no worries. I've gotten sidetracked about 10 times doing something else while writing this and it's really getting late, gotta wake up early tomorrow to get as many shredding hours as possible.
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