Thursday, June 30, 2011


OK the training began yesterday and I feel great already, exercise does wonders to you ;)
Now I have spent two days in almost the exact same way.
1. Ride bike to work
2. Earn some money at work
3. Ride bike to gym
4. Try to look like you know what your doing at the gym
5. Ride bike home from the gym
6. Eat
7. Do nothing
8. Go to bed

well there are some small differences, yesterday I saw a weird street musician in a very colorful striped jumpsuit playing some weeeeird shiat on his electric guitar. (Yes, he had an amplifier and was standing in front of the central railway station) Too bad I noticed that I had my camera in my backpack at the point I got home.
Today I almost got run over by a copcar while running a red light on my bike.

=3 just became the most subscribed channel on YouTube, which is awesome cos it rocks, if you say it isn't you don't know what your talking about.

Now I totally frogot what I had on my mind so this is it for today.
I've began to go trough all of my snowboarding video footage so hopefully I will get the "movie" done before fall.

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