Saturday, July 2, 2011


Just came up with a great party plan for next weekend, in involves two big citys in Finland, the largest/longest/biggest/awesomest beach and beachparty and a music festival with some roadtrip thrown in between everything. Just need to find someone to join me on this journey, on the quest of finding the most legendary party.

Seems like this is going to be a good weekend. Yester day I bought a tablefan because our appartment is and will be a sauna for the next two months at least, true lifesaver. Next on the shopping list, runningshoes adiZero Aegis 2.0, still haven't tried them out but I'm sure their relly fast, and they're green :)

Later I went out for some beers at some local wateringholes and met some awesome people. At the first place there was this really fat dude who was just funny looking, can't really explain. Then there was this woman sitting in the table next to our table with her friends and her dog. This was prolly the most ugly dog ever, I think it was this race:

with alittlebit of hair here and there and the annoying kind that sits in the owners lap all the time and licks the owners face like it would be the cure to all diseases on earth. However, this dog managed to push over a pint at some point, got scared and jumped down from the table. At this point the owner starts calling the dog and we were about to fall off our chairs when we heard the dogs name. HILTON!!!!!! WTF? Seriously? You got the ugliest dog on earth which you treat like a princess and you named the big rat Hilton.

Later on at the next place which was really cheap there were some really funny drunk people, when this one guy left the bar and payed his bill I was amazed by the number, 101€! At this place, beer, cider, lonkero, and some shots were 3€. Props to that guy.
At this place we also met a guy dressed in a strong leather/safari theme who was prolly the coolest rock dude I've met. He told us about his rock'n'roll life playing guitar in a bunch of different band and about his son who played drumms in a band which I can't remember the name of. But one of the artists this dude had played along side with was Pelle Miljoona, so that's something.
It's funny when you go to the nightclubs you hardly ever meet people who have anything interesting to say but when you go to a local pub you might end up listening to someone telling really interesting stuff about their life and taughts.

Well it's time to start cooking dinner and heading out again for Wyci's bday and maybe Iso-Roba "festival".

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