Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I really need to get a grip when it comes to update this blog.
We Wyc's birthday party was actually awesome. Really good snacks/food, strong drinks, awesome people and drinking games. Wyc got the Kimble game for his birthday, not a normal one because it was modified into a drinking game. Can't really remember the details but I remember the community cup and that you had to drink often, it was similar to California Kings, Kings, Ring of death etc. Their actually all almost the same, but different. I got one thing to say about this game, it's not a good idea to drink wine while playing.
I left Wyc's party to meet some friends in the city, entering the bus I gave my strong opinions on the price of the ticket to the driver who the said: "I know, it makes no sense. Just go this time for free". This ofcourse made him my best friend instantly and we chatted about something the whole way (fuzzy?). Getting to the city I went to the wrong bar, which didn't mather cus they wouldn't let me in. For some reason I didn't go to to the Iso Roba festival where my friends were, instead I gave up, grabbed some burgers from McDonald's and went home.
All in all I would say it was a really nice evening.

During the weekdays I've just been doing basic stuff like seing friends and working out. The workouts really make you feel and sleep well, my new shoes have been awesome and the protein naturally helps you recover faster. I really recommend this for anyone who works out more than a cupple of times per week.

Last weekend it was time for something radical and on thursday I desided to head out to Ruisrock in Turku with Panu and Bisse.
We arrived in turku on friday around 8PM, we would have arrived earlier but we ran into some trouble when Bisse reminded Panu about the tickets and he realised that he forgot them at home, so they went to Bisses place to print some new ones, and then there was something wrong with the printer and so on.
However we saw a cupple of artists and Prodigy, I got abit too excited and went on a party rampage with a bottle of booze. Lost my friends and my memory. Only thing I can remember was partying with some awesome chick and then waking up 3 hours after the show on the lawn at the busstop 3km from the festival area.
So this is prolly the only person who might know what happened:

So please contact me if you know who this is! ^_^
After waking up on the lawn (or a field, not rly sure) I took the bus the city center and a cab from there to Anna's (Panu's girlfriend) cave.
Next day I actually felt ok and we woke up and started drinking, played it cool on the golf course, I won ofc. And headed out to Ruissalo where the festival is.
When we got in I instantly started chatting with some people and after that I couldn't find the others. The battery on my cell was dead ofc so I had to leave it at the charging tent.
The rest of the day I just spent with alot of random people since I couldn't find anyone and when I got my phone back there was no chance in getting trough to anyone.
So I spent around 8 hours with radom people and then just before the last gig Anna just happened to spot me. After the gig we all went back to Anna's cave together so I guess the night could have ended up worse, but then again you never know.
Sunday was all good chilling, downing the beers was HAAAARD! But what can you do, you have to drink them anyways right? After drinking the first beer everyone felt like they had a 6-pack in their bellies already.
After a hard struggle it got easier, Panu got to the finals of the air bullriding contest but didn't get into the top 3 which sucked cos he should've been in the top 3. Everyone else left on sunday but we desided with Panu to stay for the whole day and leave on monday morning. It was fun because people get really weird and funny after partying in the sun for 3 days, we had some awesome laughs on sunday.

This week I'm staying at mom's and dad's since noone is here for the whole week and it's about 40 degrees in our appartment.
Went to see Thor 3D on monday with Isamu, nice visual effects and you could have called it an action packed romantic comedy fantasy/scifi movie. The storyline isn't for everyone but I like it when they use real names from gods and demons etc. Surprisingly it actually got 7.4 on IMDB TRAILER
Checked out Kung Fu Panda yesterday with Isamu and Nelly so that we can go see Kung Fu Panda 2, yaaaay!
Tomorrow it's time for the new Transformers movie, and I don't care about the storyline after all since transformers are awesome and the movies are visually amazing. But I hate that Megan Fox isn't in this one and I kinda makes the movies weird. This is truly because she is an awesome actress.

I'm really bored so I guess I'll just head out for a run since I can't even edit anything since I got all the footage on my stationary computer.
Tomorrow will be a good day, tranformers and maybe I'll even get my new cellphone.

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