Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Plants at the office!

Starting off with the plant thingy. This is a plastic plant I saw in the lobby at a very well known building in Helsinki where some pretty bad ass firms have their headquarters. Doesn't it look like a certain plant you might not want to have in your lobby?

Maybe someone is just checking if the plants draw any attention, and if they don't, this person will replace them with real ones, who knows?

This other day I saw this nice car at work, and here is a picture from Ruisrock when Manu Chao was playing aswell.

Manu Chao was beyond legendary, beyegendary!

Last friday I just chilled at home with Andy and Max and had some beers and watched whatever was on TV, then andy went home and around 01:00 we headed out for a beer.
We didn't even have that much to drink during the night, but I was still very hungover the next day. I guess that how old people feel, burn?

On saturday I just tried to get my strength back and didn't do anything until around 7PM when I desided to join Panu, Max and Eva at Tirmo Blues. This is a small Blues festival in the Pellinki archipelago, alot of people, nice people, good looking people, and people that want to beat you up. I was talking to this guy about something and about slaping people so he said, or actually begged me to slap him. So I slapped him, but not hard since I didn't know if he was a psycho or retarded or something. He wasn't satisfied with the slap at all and told me to slap him hard. At this point his buddy told me that I had to back of while his idiot girlfriend slapped me from behind him. Women, if you are reading this, here comes the rule of voilence involving women.
1.If two girls fight they are alowed to do anything and you musn't interfere
2.A man/boy may not hit a woman/girl, UNLESS she hits him first with any kind of reason. And NO, it's not a good reason that some friend of yours is in a fight with someone.

So there you have the two laws. However I desided to go with the "calling names" solution since she was like 12 years old and tried insulting me with stuff that didn't makes sense.
Sunday morning was awesome even if I felt like shit. Woke up with Panu beside me and Panu's hyper dog just nutting (when you go nuts) around. Just basic chilling at the summer house and then Panu's parents made this mega-dinner with a table full of..... everything. Just awesome to sit outside and eat like a crazy person to cure your hangover.

Last of all I want to post this picture showing my phone upgrade

HTC Sensation, greatest phone ofc, I discover new things you can do with it every day, it's like an adventure in your pocket.
If you're bored and need something to do and you have a smartphone, download Robo Defence. I will prolly get totally hooked and might start suffering from epilepsia.

Ken Block Riding pow in his Rally car, seriously wtf?

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