Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Love You Too

That message is for the one who commented that I should stop blogging on my last post. I deleted the comment since it was written in finnish, in a way that made it sound like a 16 year old. Posted around the time that people get home from the bar, don't really care if it was a joke or not. If it was a joke it's bad one because you wrote as an anonymous user, if it wasn't the joke is on you. Don't tell me to stop blogging you dumb f*ck, stop reading this blog if it make you miserable enough to actually post something liek that.
You're prolly one of those who comes home from the bar, turns on the TV to find nothing but the nighchat on and then you start sending messages like "you all are idiots who text theese messages", every 10 minutes. Normally I wouldn't bother to hate back but I'm in a bad mood so it feels good, but whoever you are you're still a dumb f*ck.

I stayed up to 5am last night cos I couldn't get any sleep, and I wanted a free t-shirt. Vistaprint had this offer that you got to design your own t-shirt for free and they will send it to you. When I was done with the whole thing I realized it wasn't free at all, only the shirt was. The cheapest shipping (21days wtf) cost almost 5€, which is waaaay too much for me. The first time you could actually see the shipping cost was at the last stage of the process, I think most people just give up at that point and still pay.

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