Saturday, October 8, 2011

Busy busy busy!

Haven't posted anything for a very long time because I've simply been too tired. Alot of days I've had trouble staying awake around 9pm and then I've gone to bed around 10, but for some reason theese nights have been the most sleepless ones. For example I think it was on wednesday when I went to sleep 10:45pm and actually fell asleep somewhere around 3. I think this might have something to do with me trying out a diet for the past 2 weeks. On top of that I haven't eaten or drunk anything containing high amounts of calories.

So a cupple of weeks ago, 23.8, my brother got married. I have to say that the ceremony was really nice even tho it was the smallest one I have ever been to with only parents, grandparents and some siblings.
I would post pictures but it seems like all the ones I took are worthless, all blurry for some reason. But I actually saw one of the pictures that the photographer took during the party and I gotta say he couldn't have done a better job, I'll post the picture if I can get my hand on it and if the cupple don't mind. The next day it was time for the weddingparty with all the friends and relatives. I was totally stressed out because of the few things I had to take care of during the party but I think everything went really well. It was a nice party and a beautiful ceremony. All the best of luck and happiness to the happy cupple.

Due to my diet my life hasn't been that interesting lately, mainly work and bouldering. But I gotta say that I feel great after two weeks of an üüber healthy lifestyle, but occasionally I miss icecream sooooooooo bad, and maybe pizza... I've done some great progress in bouldering lately, even cleared a rout this week before Aamos  managed to clear it which is kinda huge thing for me since he is a much better climber than me. Then we got a Isamu, the freak-monkey of nature. Isamu has joines us for bouldering two times and I feel like he needs two more times to pass my skill level haha!

It's fun to see how winter is getting closer and people start to plan trips etc. I've started to check out what equipment I got and try to sell as much as possible of the useless stuff. I desided I have to do this since I got 4 jackets, 3 pair of pants, 4 helmets etc etc. Not long now before we get to hit the slopes, more than excited about that. So the plan would be to sell alot of my belongings, save up money like a madman, make a trip to the alps, maybe work in lapland for a few months and then head down to Indonesia for some diving and surfing. Let's see how it goes.

I have been listening to this station for many years but taught someone might be interested. .
I like this channel alot, can't really say anything bad about it.
And for those who didn't know the series I follow that are up and running again are: How I met your mother, How to make it in America (FINALLY, waited for ages), Vampire Diaries, Two and a Half men and Blue Mountain State. So still waiting for Eureka haha!

Time to wrap this up since I gotta be at work in 20mins. Upcoming stuff: visiting my sister in sweden, editing the wedding footage, getting my hands on nice pictures of myself from the wedding ofc, and... what was it... booouldering...?

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