Saturday, October 29, 2011


This feeling is killing me. I went to a halloween party last night with people dressed as random things, beerpong, and lots of alcoholic beverages. And fooooood! Hah, naah I was kinda busy drinking so didn't eat that much. I was too lazy to completely dress up so I just had a fake mustash and a hat that looked like a chicken. Here's the partners in crime, me and my chicken.

No need to talk about what happens after four games of beerpong since not that many can remember. To be honest I do remember everything from last night since I think I had like only oneb beer at the bar. We went to Baker's (once again) and I think the reason is that they hardly ever have a line there, but the dancefloor is allways over-crowded and the music is kinda shit but I guess it doesn't matter if you are surrounded by good friends and drinks. Had a pizza on my way home and I think that was the lifesaver, if I hadn't had that pizza I would have been far worse off this morning. Lalli and Max crashed on our couches last night and it's funny because I feel like both of them crash on our couch every second time they go drinking haha. But it's all good, just nice having people around. And Lalli, come get your clothes because you forget something almost every time. I like this about myself but I would like to know why I usually start cleaning and doing laundry when I'm hungover, started the day off by doing all the dishes, vacuuming and cleaning my room and folding and doing some more laundry. And something nice came out of it because I found my Rip Curl shirts that I've been looking for since this summer. Now I'm just waiting for something to happen or someone to call me about what's what.

Since my last post that was far too long ago as usual I haven't really been up to that much of anything new, basic work and bouldering. Well, at work there's always something crazy going on and people complaining about funny things. For example someone complained that the thai curry dish tasted too much of curry, another one complained that it didn't taste anything like in Thailand, SUPLAIIIIIS! And our boss wanted us to work on sunday cleaning the place and going trough the new dishes and how to make them. What he didn't say was that they weren't going to pay anything, this ended up with the whole thing getting cancelled because noone agreed to come without getting a sunday salary. They must really think we're morons...

Last weekend we headed out but I really can't say that much more since it got abit blurry. But I've been told that we met someone named Astrid and when she told us her named me and Aamos almost fell off our chairs because we laughed so hard, she had a hard time understanding what the fuck was up. The thing is that a week earlier or so me and Aamos saw an episode of The Office where someone was having a baby and someone read baby-names out loud to get feedback from the others or whatever. Reading the name Astrid incorrectly ending up saying something like "I don't think they will let you name your baby Assturd".
It might not sound that funny but in that state it was hilarious. They rest of the night is kinda unclear, something about noone selling beer at the bar and about someone doing alot of things that didn't make any sence. The next morning I felt like a winner, I was completely sure of that I have had a fun night.

Oh ye found this one online, kinda funny:

Oh what the flock, I'll give you this one aswell, got me laughing...

It seems like not that many have seen the movie Tron, if you like scifi and beautiful animated stuff you gotta see it, I felt like it was completely different from anything I've seen. Daft Punk has made the music for this movie and I gotta say, they did an amazing job. I really like the soundtrack but it's all instrumental so not necessarily for everyone.

I've seen alot of snowboarding related dreams lately so I guess I wanna go riding really badly. It's getting colder outside every day and next week I'm picking up my new board in Stockholm when I'm vising my little sister and her boyfriend. I have to try to take alot of pictures while I'm there. It's gonna be awesome to meet them and see how they live etc. I've never been in Stockholm for more than a day before so it feels kinda new.

I checked out the snowboardmovie DC's IT and I would say it's one of the best movies I've seen and I think it beats The Art of Flight by a mile. Definatly worth to watch. Here's Torstein Horgmo's (for those who doesn't know who it is I can only say that he has taken the sport to the next level) part. "FLOCK THAT RAIL SON!"
This is also a must watch, a very funny game. And with a Norwegian and a Icelander who both happen to be mad skilled snowboarders it can't get much better. If you like it check out the rest of Game of In Your Face episodes.

OK have to admit I can't wait to go snowboarding sooooooo bad!

And ending up with a toptally random but awesome dancing clip from AGT, this is so awesome you need a new word to describe it, mentic? Mentally epic, mepic?

Awesome ending, just spilled a beer all over my printer and desc, back to cleaning. FA-IIIIIIIL!

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