Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stag party!

So I could write about it earlier because my brother might read this blog but we had a small stag party for him last friday, the wedding is a cupple of weeks later.
We did the basic stuff, dressed up as a reindeer, an old creepy man and a horse in a suite. And we kidnapped him from the "classroom" after he had this huge presentation in front of a bunch of professors and other important people. Oh ye, we put a gorilla mask on him and threw him in the trunk.

Then we drove off to the woods of Espoo, we desided to be fair and let Benjamin out of the trunk after a few hard turns and breaks. Handed him a beer and let him ride shotgun.
The rest of the night was all about really good food and lots of different brands of beer. I think everything about the food and the drinks was perfect. After many hours at the table it was time for the sauna with some more beer and swimming in the lake. It wasn't easy to find a place where you actually could go swimming but we made it anyways.
Benjamin happened to have one of his selfmade boardgames with him so we played it until some people had a hard time staying awake around 5am. And just for the record, I slaughtered them all, I was the laughter in slaughter. So this was more of a laid back stag party but it was actually really nice and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. So thanks to everyone who was there if you happen to read this.

The rest of the weekend I didn't do much. On sunday I met Kaarle and Hozzan and took them bouldering, they were surprisingly good at it when you think about that it was their first time.
I felt really good and did some lines I wouldn't have taught I could make but then, something snapped in my arm and it hurt like hell to use my index finger and my middle finger, and it hurt all the way to my elbow.
So I guess I sprained something, it has been feeling alot better today but the two fingers feel abit weak, I'm still thinking about going climbing tomorrow and I prolly will. I just need to warm up better and strech. There are some lines I just have to make because I haven't made the last move to the finish.

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