Sunday, April 24, 2011

We came, we saw, and we were awesome!

Epic day today and it sucks I got too carried away to take some pictures because I/we built some crazy stuff in the park. The front slope park was a lost cause today so desided not to ride there at all.
So we shaped and salted almost all the jumps at the Snow Park. I shaped a big snowpile so that you could hit it in any way possible. Then we built a small jump on the side of a bigger one that you could use as a step-up jump onto the table of the bigger jump or just gap the whole thing. I actually gapped it once flying the whole way in a horizontal position, Aki laughed his ass of and it's all good cos I didn't get hurt one bit. This small jump can also be used as a corner if you land on the side of the bigger one, this whole thing prolly sounds more then alittlebit confusing.
last obstacle was a small pit/speedturn thingy (can't really explain this) which forced oyu into a bs rotation.
All in all the day was great, was warm enough to shred in a longsleeved shirt the whole day, not even wind today to mess things up.
Threw down some switch backside fives that felt awesome (which is all that mathers ;) and some corner handplants to bellyslides.
Reporting from our roof, over and out!

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