Sunday, April 3, 2011


This is really weird, first we hade around -10 every day and then suddenly over one night we got +5 and warmer, and sunshine on top of that. It feels like the snow is melting at full speed.
I've been working like a dog lately and finally I get my 7 days off. I desided not to travel to Åre since the finnish championships are at the same time so I'll be heading to Ruka in a cupple of days to compete.
Since I've been working alot I haven't really been riding with anyone but myself since I only got a cupple of hours time before work, beginning to get abit fedup with riding alone. Today it so happened that Arttu had his day off so had some fun shredding with him for a while.
Due to the warm weather the jumps got really soft and since I don't have that much time to ride I didn't feel like shaping and salting to fix the jumps. The pipe was awesome to ride today and got some sweet 2+ meter high hits and since rotations were out of the questions on the jumps we just had to do flips.
Cos of work I don't really have that much to write about about what's happened lately, only thing I can think of is that one day Simppa (who can hit a frontflip off anything, seriously, jumps, rails, landings, other riders :P) desided to try a double frontflip off one of the biggest jumps we got here. He got really close but didn't come all the way around the second flip, the tail sunk into the landing while the last bit of the rotation came around, and the tail cracked completely. He was so bummed. You definatly need guts to try that, and he got really close.
Tomorrow I hope there will be aot of filming and backflips and BS Rodeos.
It's going to be legandary!

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