Friday, April 15, 2011


Starting off with this, how awesome is this?

I should have written about my next day but that day sucked big time so kinda just forgot to write.
The night was cold which ment that the backcountry was all ice the next day so no bc jumping, just desided to ride around the mountain and check out all the slopes. I bet at least 5 slopes will have to close within this week due to the lack of snow. Here are some pictures I took:

After that I was working a morning shift and then I got sick etc (some shitty doctor didn't even listen to be, pushed me out the door and gave me 2 sick days, wtf? seriously? 2 days?) I don't feel like sharing my symptoms but let's say that a doctor should take her/his job abit more seriously. Damn I was pissed.
So I was 1 day sick from work and the other day was my day off anyways. Today when I got to work for a 10h 45min shift my boss was giving me shit for being one day sick from work, WTF?
She gave me examples of people that had worked for her for example someone who had such a bad stomach ache at work that he had to lie down on the floor cos of the cramps etc. My response was that I'm nyt that f*cking stupid that I let something go that far before I go see a doctor.
Definatly going riding tomorrow morning to ease my mind and nerves.
The snow is melting reaaaaaally fast, it's insane. The second day I was sick at home the girls (my flatmates) had some friends over for a BBQ, the sun was shining and it was really warm outside. For the first time I felt like summer aint so bad when we all sat up on our roof just chilling in the sun, our roof is prolly the most laid back place on Levi.
Looks like I have at least some work this summer which is nice. I should apply for a school but I seem to forget about it all the time.
What's up with 50% of all the people that come to Koti Pizza where I work are 70+ years old, you would think they would like to eat some "real" food. You almost get surprised every time someone below 20 comes and dines.
It sucks that the season is almost over and not one single friend has come to see me. Well there is a chanse of Panu coming here so tat would be nice.
Now I forgot how to end this post, I had an idea earlier but whatever.
Keep it real!

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