Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hurt my wrist today and I have no idea how and at what point but now it hurts like hell to use my thumb, hooray!
The weather has been awesome, around -10 degrees and sunny without that damn wind we've been having. The park is in awesome shape after the TTR Catfight so it has been really nice to ride it. Today my pipe riding training began, exhausting but very fun, got the 360s dialed already, heh!
I actually cracked my new board and sent some pictures to the manufacturer of the damage, I will get a new board but the problem is that it might be sold out in the whole of europe, so either I get it replaced by another board or then I have to wait until next winter and get next years model.
I've gotten sidetracked really badly writing this, this has takes me like 2 hours to write. So I'll try to find a better time to continue this.
Just going to ride hard and party like I mean it.
Oh yeah, that was one thing I heard from two different sources. This is what they both said: "There was only one who was more wasted than you at the party (TTR Catfight afterparty), and that was Risto Mattila" :D Compared to him I was sober and not even dancing!

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