Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Time for the chicks to rock it!

There has been alot happening on the mountain lately, most of the time I have been working but I can still tell you about theese happenings.
19.3 we had the Battery Polar Open pipe contest. I took part in the training on both days but couldn't compete since I had work both days and forgot to ask for those days off. Don't get me wrong, I know I wouldn't have stood a chance since there were some really big names like Risto Mattila (winner) and Antti Autti who both prolly have ridden pipe more than many of us have stood on a snowboard. But there's no harm in taking part just for the fun of it. The girls threw in some nice moves at the practise aswell but I would say the one who got most attention was newschool rider Iisko Heiskanen with some huge airs and unique grabs, truly a pleasure to watch.
Here are some really nice pictures from the Battery Polar open taken by Pekka Takanen:
Starting today we got Battery Catfight, a 4 star TTR event for girls only. Yesterday I heard that more than 70 female riders have enrolled. The park looks awesome, not that big obstacles but really nicely shaped. The event starts today and ends on sunday. Yesterday was my day of and as usual when it's my day off something with the weather sucked, it was once again reaaaally windy. Today when I got work there seems to be no wind at all. But it was fun riding small stuff even tho I crashed pretty hard on my hip and when I was walking home yesterday it hurt to walk really bad, now it feels alot better already.
Yesterday there were alot of female riders in the park already and they were hitting big airs of the corner in the snowpark, and you could definatly see that during theese next few day we will see some girls throw down some big tricks.
Judging by the scedule it looks like there might be some partying this week. I have to come up with a superhero costume ^_^
I was up late last night editing and uploading the next clip, I think I might be making some progress when it comes to theese clips so I hope u'll enjoy it. Feedback would be nice aswell.

Mid March Shredding from Jonathan Veekoo on Vimeo.

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