Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How awesome am I?

First of all, I rode the snowpark today like a machine, bumped into a friend who I haven't seen in a very long time which was nice. Took a hard fall on my arm and started wondering why it never breaks, heh! I've allways liked extreme sports and during the years I've taken so many hard falls that I think my bones have gotten stronger. It's actually proven to work, it's for example why some thai boxers hit their legs with sticks like thousands of times in training cos it makes the bones more durable. Every time you take a hard fall or hit you get microscopic fractures in your bones, when theese fractures heal your bones get thicker and stronger. I prolly got awesome bones.
But the most awesome thing about me today was that I ate two whole pizzas in a row, WTF??? Seriously! I think this is awesome and maybe on some level disgusting.
Next time 3 pizzas? Whos with me?

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