Friday, March 18, 2011

Tired, oh so tired

I was sooooo tired going to bed last night and fell asleep right away. Then I wake up a cupple of hours later to my moronic roommate drunkwhispering with some dude. Then they go to bed and to no surprize start making a sound that sounds like Blubber (from the movie Blubber) got stuck in the bathroom drain. I was a minute away from saying something when I hear: "Should we move ourselves to the livingroom?" At his point I was thinking: "Great, finally going to get some sleep".
Well, they weren't exactly quiet in the livingroom either and when the noise stopped I couldn't belive my ears, THE FRIKIN DOOR OPENS AGAIN!!! Why couldn't they just stay there? I know my roommate isn't the brightest light in the christmas tree but this was going off the chart. And offcourse they bathroom drain noises keep on going for a little while and then they fall asleep and both start snoring like some kind of unknown beasts. I think I got around 2 hours of sleep. I got a killer headache, I'm reaaally tired and it's not even my day off.
You don't do shit like that if you live 2 persons in the same small room, she will definatly hear of this when I get home from work. If this happens again I'll destroy her in one way or another. Any ideas on how to do it? Please comment! ;)
Maybe shredding before work will make things better.
Have a nice day!

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