Sunday, March 13, 2011

Loosing track of time

Just noticed that I haven't posted anything in a while. I guess the reason is that I've been wishing for the past 3 weeks to pass by as fast as possible. Levi has been swarmed with people on their winter holidays. All the bars are filled with morons on vacation with the basic holiday attitude "I payed for this holiday, and that means I get to be a complete d***". We got small kids riding the pipe just plowing down the walls and making the pipe look like it was built out of LEGO blocks. The same kids jump of every single jump no mather how big, crash, and spend the following 5 mins running up and down the landings picking up skis, poles, clothes etc.
But I shouldn't complain, we actually got some snowfall and the past week it's only been -5 and mostly sunny which is ideal shreddingweather if you ask me.
I'm really satisfied with my new Flux bindings, I can highly recomend this brand for anyone, can't say the same about K2.... I would write a review about the K2 Formula bindings, but that would just be too depressing, PASS!

Can't really think of anything out of the ordinary that I would hae done lately, the basics I guess. Been out partying once or twice, always seem to end up partying and singing karaoke with my flatmates (is that a word?). At the moment I'm living with 6 girls and it feels like someone is always out drinking, and I think it actually might be some truth in that.
Oh yea, we got some really nice footage of marika doing fs3's in the front slope park, I'll put up some footage in a cupple of days.

This is something we filmed 3.3 on that crazy windy day, don't take this too seriously. Still getting used to editing etc. To be honest I had a good laugh watching this myself. Enjoy!

Proboarding from Jonathan Veekoo on Vimeo.

Now just 2 more days at work to go and then 2 days off. Awesome.

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