Friday, March 25, 2011

Loosing the best friend in the world!

I just lost a good friend, our dog Emma! We got her when I was around 10 I think. I had a rough time at school and got bullied etc. so I spent alot of time home alone. I don't remember this and it might be that it never got mentioned but mum said that that's what inspired her to get a dog. And it actually works because the dog will allways seek for your attention and keep you company. And it doesn't mather what's bothering you, the dog will be there. The last months Emma was really weak and she was old on top of that so I wouldn't say that I didn't see it coming. But I feal really bad cos I've gotten her support alot and when she got older all the kids move out or are just away alot. Then when she is the one in need of support I'm not even there, and I'm one of the reasons we got her. So I really hope she didn't feel left alone. It was great that mum was able to work from home where she could take care of Emma and keep her company. I feel like we had a really strong bond with Emma, and now I definatly have alot of memories.
The dog with alot of personality and who was maybe alittlebit too protective of our family.
Emma, you will be greatly missed!

<3 R.I.P. EMMA <3

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