Thursday, January 30, 2014

Vin Diesel and other random stuff!

Alot of you prolly saw this already but I gotta say, this is sooo random in a good way. Vin Diesel kinda partying alone because Riddick is doing great and sending his thanks to his fans, by dancing?
Check it out:
Vin Diesel dancing and singing!

So alot of stuff happened at X-Games with (the) Parrot taking the gold in both slopestyle and big air.
I think it's getting more and more booring to watch the X-Games since it's just more and more acrobatics every year. If someone does something new that isn't a tripple, they don't get the points they disserve. This is why the next clips are my favorite ones from X-Games. If you haven't seen them before pay attention to his boots with LED lights in the Nike Logo.

I know I'm a traitor but I actually bought skiing boots, since the boots we got at work are really bad.
Since I made this smooth transition to skiing I wanna show you this.
12 year old Kelly Sildaru winning run from france, if she is this good at that age it's going to be interesting to see how badly she will dominate in 6 years.

So what's been happening here? Not much, been super cold earlier this month and after that it's been snowing almost every day. Due to the light there is not point in filming that much we filmed some really scetchy runs that I might edit into some small clip just for the fun of it. This week i've bee sick. For some reason without crashing or anything my injury from before christmas got really bad again and my ribs hurt like crazy.
I did go swimming yesterday which helped abit so gonna do that again today and maybe I'll be fine to ride on the weekend.

It's soo booring to just be at home and try to recover, it's a good thing it's no big injury, I think!
I guess I'll just watch another movie...

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