Monday, January 19, 2015

Most insane week ever & Vide-Oh! s3ep1

Last week was the most sucky week of my entire life so far. It felt like whetever could go wrong, actually went wrong.
It all started a week ago on Monday. Made myself a breakfast smoothie in the blender. Detaching the jug from the machine the frikin bottom came off and the smoothie was all over the kitchen. Basically ment skipping breakfast and cleaning the kitchen. Coming to work it was -32 outside. I had already felt sick the day before but at his point I felt like I was about to suffocate because of the cold air combined with already irritated lungs and throat. Went to the doc and got sent home for 5 days.

On Tuesday I was boiling some water for tea. This ended up with me somehow managing to push over the water cooker and getting around 1 liter of boiling water on my thigh. 2nd degree burns.... I'm really killing it. I guess I should feel lucky. 15cm higher up and it would have been a whole other story, and something I don't even that I don't want to think about.

So basically Tuesday to Friday was about taking care of my burns and my flu.

On Saturday I didn't feel sick anymore so we headed over to Svanstein ski resort in Sweden together with Kaarle and Ulla. This was a really fun day with alot of rolling around in the offpiste. Not the best riding on our part but I got some nice footage I will put up later. However it was still a super fun day (pictures below). But on a week like this fun comes at a price.... My new Adidas boots broke, one of the laces came off. Since it's a quicklace system I couldn't fix it. I've been in contact with the retailer who is basically trying to get me to fix them myself somehow which to me seems kinda strange. I guess I will have to try.

Sunday, last day of the week, what could go wrong?
The weather is great, riding feels good. And they finished the halfpipe at Levi. Riding the pipe and the front slope jumps enjoying just throwing down tricks that are easy to us. On the last jump I throw down a fs3 landing it clean but then a few meters later catching my heel edge on something. It wasn't a hard fall but I completely messed up my thumb. I had it x-ray'd and the good thing is that it wasn't fractured or injured. Still really swollen and hurt alot so it still ruined riding for me.

Today it's Monday and I feel like it can't get worse, just uphill from here. That had to be all the bad luck that you usually get in several months. Now work for a few days and then 2 days off. Really hyped on riding right now so let's hope my luck turns.

The pow clips from Svanstein should be up soon and at the same time I will put up a short review about the resort and what we taught about it. This week I will try to get Ulla's video part filmed.

Here are a few pictures from Levi and the rest from Svanstein. I've been trying to learn how to get good pics on the DSLR, still a total amateur but I feel like it's getting better. And if you are wondering, I do NOT edit the pictures in any way. I'm too lazy for that.
Levi sunset/sunrise

Ulla -27

Our deck!

Kaarle most likely on Instagram (@kaarle)

Svanstein, Sweden

Kaarle & Ulla stretching

Kaarle gave up on stretching

Ulla doing what she does best! :D

All I need! (almost)

Here is the first Vide-Oh! Episode of the year. I've gotten some good feedback on this one and I hope you like it.

Vide-Oh! s3ep1 from Vide-Oh! on Vimeo.

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