Sunday, January 24, 2016

Picture time Zillertal!

First run in the alps

Really snowy day in Gerlos, magical treeriding.

After a long day in the snow, my mustache was frozen solid.

Extremely happy rider in Hintertux


Eemeli in Tux
The girls hyped about the weather.

Faceshots on the side of the slopes

Amazed by theese rando guy going up black slopes. There's alot of theese people here.


Weather getting clearer after a day of alot of snow and no vision what so ever.

Last Chair

Funny thing about the first picture. We were so hyped on getting up that we ended up taking the wrong lift from Mayrhofen, we taught we were in Mayrhofen but got super confused trying to find our position on the trailmap. After a while we realized we were in Ahorn on the other side of the valley. It's really small so we just rode Ahorn for a while before moving over to Mayrhofen.

I've seen rando skiers in every resort we have been to, skinning from the bottom to the top. I'm not new to rando skiers but I feel like theese people are really strong minded since they hike up a slope right next to the lift.

Because someone will end up asking anyways I'm gonna quickly just say this. Yes I am traveling with 1 guy and 2 girls, but they are all just friends.

I will try to get some tourist pictures taken on my Canon this week.

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