Friday, February 12, 2016


So we finally got some snowfall in Zillertal last week and at the end of the week we got some really nice pow days. The first day we didn't expect much going up since the weather was super bad. It was raining alot but seemed like higher up it had been just cold enough to make the rain abit more fluffy. So on the first day I didn't film anything cos I didn't even have my camera with me but on the second day I got what I needed to make this edit.

Vide-Oh! Wow-POW from Vide-Oh! on Vimeo.

Last Saturday we actually moved to Tobadill. So this week we've been riding abit further west. So far I've been to Ischgl, See, Sölden and Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis.

Ischgl was really crowded. I felt like I was standing in line most of the time. Half of the lifts were closed due to strong winds so that was partly the reason. But from what i saw of Ischgl it wasn't to my liking. There's alot of potential to some really easy access BC lines but I felt like there were lifts everywhere. Some people like it cos you never really have to use transport trails but I felt like it was abit too much. Maybe I'll get a better impression next time.

See was really nice. I think there's like 6 lifts in See. Compared to the size of the place they have an insane amount of nice off-piste and even some really technical lines. Not much of any lift lines so you get alot of riding in one day. If See gets alot of snow I would say it's an excellent place to visit.

Sölden was ok, the glacier wasn't open so still waiting to see that part. The park was for some reason closed and under construction but it seemed like it was mostly super easy boxes and really small jumps. Got some nice powder runs in but can't say that I got that excited about the place. Have to go back to check out the glacier.

Today was Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. This place was amazing. From all the places I have been to so far if I would have to choose one for a one week holiday this is where I would go. There is something for everyone and it's widely spread out so the crowd of people just spreads out all over the place. Best pistes so far, profile and quality vise. The jib park was insane, I think it was 3 different lines side by side, each with at least 10 obstacles in one run. The kicker line was ok I guess. medium size jumps with low hangtime. On the plus side they have a big air bag which is always for. Offpiste for everyone from easy to gnarly. Cliff drops, tree lines and endless potential if you're up for some hiking. I was really amazed by this place.

Things that annoy me: What is the matter whit drivers in Austria? Even if you're speeding 10km/h some idiot will drive 2m behind you at all times. When he after 5km realizes you're not going to go any faster he passes you even if there isn't a clear view of what's ahead, just to end up behind the next car. Then, after a few more km he stops at a grocery store where he isn't in any kind of hurry. It's like most drivers here have a death wish.

Another thing that comes to mind is that coming from Finland I'm not used to having to deal with 1 & 2 cent coins. They keep stacking up and people seemed to just get annoyed when you use them to pay for something.

My mind just when completely blank so I guess I just try to post shorter posts abit more often.
Till next time.

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