Saturday, January 5, 2013

First clip, late as usual

I actually got this first clip done in good time but had som problems with the rendering so even if the editing was finished I wan't able to make it into one clip. I got the promblem fixed yesterday and added some subtitles today. I had some extra time on my hands since I've enjoyed a mad diarrhea and womiting sickness the past days, basically had to stay close to the toilet the whole time. Great fun! Other than that I'd say that there isn't that much to tell. I've been working alot and if I have the time to go shred the park it's just for an hour or so. Some day I'm so tired from work I don't even feel like going riding anymore. So here it is, first Vide-Oh! episode ever:

Vide-Oh!: First Try Thirsday from Jonathan Veekoo on Vimeo.

The christmas season is coming to an end in a week or so which would give me more time to film, just sucks that me and Kaarle can't seem to find a day for riding that would suit us both. Until next time...

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