Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sumthn sumthn!

Hey wazzup! What's new? I'm actually a licensed snoawboard instructor now, hooray for me. The course was alot of fun even tho the grading was rly weird. Or not weird exactly, just favoured good looking cute women. Hah! Still, great fun with an awesome group. Awesome to see people pushing their limits in the park even tho they have no experience from park riding what so ever. What else.... I had this awesome student, a 4 year old who was telling me about the secrets within the forests in lapland. This was new to me but she told me that it's full of santa's helpers and deeper into the forest you might find evil witches, that was one of the reasons she was careful not to go there. Some of the kids are awesome, really makes your day. Just a cool picture from the Disco Ensemble concert....
The weather has truly been beautiful the past days. Too bad it's getting colder now, not really that much fun to be working outdoors when it's below -20.
I got a short clip coming up during the upcoming days and I hope to get something new filmed very soon.

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