Monday, April 28, 2014

A new clip out of nothing!

The weather here hasn't really improved lately. If the sun is shining, it's really windy. If it isn't windy the light is prolly really flat, and so on.
Got no more work this season which makes it slightly easier to try getting something filmed if the weather is good for even a few hours. However we filmed on a bad day and I think the footage is entertaining. The snow is melting faster that ever but we should get 15cm of snow this night.
Lately there has been alot of pro boarders riding at Levi such as Eero Ettala and Heikki Sorsa, so who knows, maybe we'll see something filmed over here in the next episode of CWG.

Vide-Oh! Season2 Episode 5 from Vide-Oh! on Vimeo.

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