Friday, August 15, 2014

Things I've seen and places I go!

Almost 4 months since my last post. This has to be a new record. I don't really know why I haven't posted anything, just had a really hard time getting around to do it. So where to start?
The end of the season at Levi was alot of sitting around waiting for good weather, we did film alot but Kaarle has all the footage since he filmed on the 7D most of the time. And he is on the other side of the world right now so won't be getting that footage any day soon. I still made a miniedit of what I had on the GoPro. It's far from quality footage but I felt like editing so whatever.

Vide-Oh! s2ep6 from Vide-Oh! on Vimeo.

As usual during the springtime at Levi there was alot of days with bad vis and we got new snow that was super sticky so you could barely get enough speed for the small jumps. This was the case during Levi Camp351 which kinda takes the fun out of riding. But that's how it has to be on Levi Camp, at least one day has to suck.

Just before Levi Camp we went to Riksgränsen for som Powhunting, and we actually got some really nice runs in the 3 days we were there. Editing the footage from that trip is next on my to do list.
I would have been nice to stay at Levi for a bit longer, not that the lifts were open but you could still ride in July if I remember correctly. If you don't have anything against hiking that is.
On the last week I started skateboarding which is great fun and a fast way to move around. It's funny how stoked you get when you manage to do a small Ollie over a six by four.

From Levi I headed straight to Helsinki, this was around mid May.
It's always nice to see family and friends. And the weather was awesome, it seems like it generally was a really good summer in the southern parts of Finland.
2 weeks later I headed to Norway to work. Basically driving back to Levi and then 900km or so past Levi. I've been driving in my car alot lately.

I was in Norway for 2 months working in a kitchen/grill and my whole stay is really simple to sum up. Most of the time was spent at work, and the only other things I did was sleep, go hiking a few times and go fishing.
My workstation:

I can tell you, it was hot as f!
Met alot of new people and made some new friends. Basically the people working at the restaurant is a really random bunch, it's so awesome when you have a big group of people that are all so different still getting alot really well. Miss you all!
But as I mentioned I mostly worked so I'm just gonna post alot of pics that a took while I was there.
Click on the picture for original size!

So we hiked a few nice peaks and got some fish, and spent quality time at work ofc.
Then, at the end of July, it was time for a change of scenery.

So once again it was time for the nearly 2000km drive home. On the way close to Kiruna, Sweden I took this picture. I think the colors in the picture are awesome. I took it when I was taking a snackbreak and just a few moment later it was gone.

Once I got back to Helsinki I had one week to repack and meet family and friends. Took a short trip to our summerplace since everyone was there. Saw my sister and her boyfriend for the first time in like 7 months and taught their dog to realize she can swim. I actually got some GoPro footage of the dog swimming, maybe I'll use it in some random edit.
Having spent the previous 2 summers there it felt abit hard to leave. It is prolly the most relaxing place I know, and traveling alot that is just what you need. Waking up wheneve you feel like it. Take a swim in the ocean. Sit by the sea. Maybe go for a daytrip in the sailboat.
I actually managed to squeeze all of that into 2 days so it was a success.

Then back to Helsinki to pack everything and off to New Zealand.

Believe it or not but I'm actually not even here on holiday. I got a job as a ski instructor here. I arrived in Auckland a week ago and stayed there for a few nights. Really felt like resting after the 25h trip, 30h actually if you count the time from door to door.

Auckland seemed nice, I didn't really do that much. Mostly just skated around town.
I can't remember what the name of the park is but in one of the central parks I cut abit too close to the curb on my skateboard and took quite a nasty looking fall. At least judging from the guys reaction that was a few meters away from me. I will master that sport some day! :D
Only touristy thing I did was to visit SkyTower which is 328 meters. I just bought the cheapest ticket (28$) that takes you to level 51 (186 meters) but it was still kinda cool to have such a nice view over the whole town. I had a beer at the cafe and managed to get the picture of a guy "bungee" jumping outside the window.
There are a few random pictures at the bottom that I just taught look cool. And then there's The White Lady, I just had to take a picture of it. It was by far the best thing anyone told me about Auckland, cos those burgers are just amazing. If I lived there I would most likely eat at The White Lady every day.

The quality of my pictures isn't the best but I should get my real camera in a few weeks. All pictures above are taken with my phone or my GoPro.

On Monday I took the 6,5h busride to where I am now, Ohakune! It was like riding a rollercoaster, the roads felt like it was just one tight turn after another. On top of that the road felt quite bumpy and there's like a million hills to climb. For the first time in a long time I was close to getting carsick. Would prolly have gotten carsick if it wasn't for the awesome landscapes.

I haven't really been taking any pictures here because it's been raining alot and I haven't been up the mountain yet. Tomorrow is my first day so I think that during the following week I'll have something to show and/or write about. Time to get the gear ready for tomorrow and go to bed.
I hope this post wasn't too long.

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  1. Kiva att läsa, du hann ju inte berätta så mycket då vi träffades. Det är nog en fantastisk sommar du har som innehåller så massor av olika upplevelser, landskap och bekantskaper. Njut och skriv mera! Sköt om dej hälsar mamma och pappa