Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pro shredding

What's been going on the past week? Let's see, a really weak performance by me trying not to go drinking. It would be fair to say that I failed 6 days of 7. But it's all good, I was with good company every night and had a really good time.
Then it was work, work, work every day aswell.
Today was my day off which ment shredding, and as usual the weather is shit on those days. Strong winds poor vis. and alot of kids on the landings and.... well, everywhere. I was riding with Marika and Aki and we really made the best of it. We met at the front slope park, the winds were really strong from the second jump to the last one and the bottom of the pipe had alot of loose snow, hazardous conditions. After a cupple of runs we desided to check out the snowpark instead, over there you could barely see the jumps, back to the front slope.
Conditions were still shitty but then again we do know how to ride like the pros.
Actually we did hit some nice airs in the pipe, then we did some switch riding in the pipe, and how beautiful it was, didn't really matter since even riding normally I ended up crashing on the shelf and on the bottom some times, Aki just started laughing and ended up on the bottom of the pipe and Marika did something that looked like a human cannonball assaulting the wall of the pipe.
But we did do some pretty awesome things aswell, crazy duoble stiffy grabs, tripple grabs, fs360s that looked like we tried to get ourselves killed and cab 180s. For all you that didn't know this, cab 180 is the new 1440.
All in all an awesome day even tho the weather wasn't on our side.
Oh yeah! And I almost forgot, I cracked the baseplate on my binding today, good times.

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